Snacktime: Ritz Cheese Crispers

Today I have a snack sent to me by Influenster. They sent out a Ritz Vox box and two packets of their Cheese Crispers was inside. They have two flavors apparently, one is Cheese and the other is Four Cheese and Herb. Both of the packets in my box were Cheese flavored.

The packets are 100 calories per bag which fits them right into the perfect snacking zone for me. I’ll be honest though, I was a little nervous about snacking on Ritz. Like a lot of people I grew up with the cracker. It is a great platform for other items, cheese, sausage ore even peanut butter. It has a buttery crunch that I enjoy, but I’ve never eaten the crackers on their own as a snack.

The most I’ve done with them other than as a platform for other things is as a decadent bread crumb. Seriously, if you are looking for something rich and buttery to use in an item where you need bread crumbs, they work fantastically.

However when I opened this packet, I found they weren’t quite licke Ritz crackers. They were flattened and thinner. Like the name suggests, they are Crispier as well. It is essentially a snack on its own rather than a cracker in search of a topping.

While pressed flat, they do have some bubbles of air in them which does make the texture light and crunchy. They retain some of that Ritz buttery-ness however they have an intense Cheese flavor to them as well. Because of the texture they don’t feel as heavy as eating a handful of the regular crackers. This is definitely a snack on its own.

Personally I really enjoyed it.

I only got to eat the one bag though. As they were the same flavor, my babydoll took the other bag and after scarfing them down informed me that “we can get these again.” Which means they will be added to a grocery list in the near future. I was very impressed with not only the lightness and the crispiness bit the flavor of these. I think that while we will definitely be picking up the Cheese flavor again, I might pick up the four cheese and herb flavor to try as well. All in all, they made a great snack. Quite a satisfying 100 calories in my mid afternoon.

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