Perfume Review: Coach Dreams Sunset

This past week I reached into my box of perfume samples and was quite honestly surprised at how many had accumulated. With two samples coming in every Macy’s Beauty Box and me skipping out on the Summer time perfume samplings they sort of piled up.

Also I was testing a Zent’s Sample collection of their Eau De Toilettes for a while as well as the Kierin Sample set. (I am still really loving their Rose scent by the way.) So that sort of pushed the individual samples to the side for a bit. But now it is time to work through them. I have two reasons for turning to the samples kits actually. The first is that the box I keep the samples in is somewhat overflowing at the moment. The second is that I like to pick up a scent for my collection each year.

Once the holiday shopping is done, that is one of the treats I like to get for myself. Usually I purchase it after Christmas. I really like including the new scent as part of my getting ready for the New Year ritual. Last year I went with the Cartier Eau de Cartier. It was one of the scents I found through my subscription to Scent Box actually. Tried the sample for a month and used up the atomizer Scent Box scent and was very disappointed it was gone.

That is usually a good sign for a perfume for me. It is a bit more of an evening scent though. But that is another story.

Today is the tale of Coach Dreams Sunset as it was the one that my hand closed over first when reaching into the box of samples. It is a scent from Coach and according to the description it is…

Coach Dreams Sunset is a fresh floral-and-woody, free-spirited fragrance inspired by the golden hours of dusk when possibilities are always on the horizon. It opens with fruity notes of pear and bergamot, revealing a heart of jasmine flowers before drying down to warm Tonka bean and vanilla base note.

The bottle featured on the site is lovely. It has a somewhat Hombre look to it that I really find appealing. The scent however I found a little less appealing. The jasmine and the vanilla come through and at the back I do get bergamot and maybe a hint of pear.

Oddly when I sniff it the first thing my nose says is soap. It smells vaguely like the foaming hand soap you might find in the lobby bathroom of a high end hotel. It is classy and expensive soap, but it still smells vaguely soapy just the same.

The scent does come on strong. When I sprayed my wrist it was strong enough in the first few minutes to make my eyes water (sometimes me and bergamot really don’t get along).After a minute it did fade back a bit to something more wearable. It is however not a scent that you can forget you are wearing. It sort of fills the space around you with scent. Which isn’t a bad thing actually.

It doesn’t travel far though. If you wear it in an office space (as long as you aren’t spraying it in an office space) it isn’t the sort of scent that will annoy your co-workers. It may create a sort of cloud of scent around you, but it is a cloud that hovers close. You will smell it all day but unless someone else invades your personal space, they will only get small teasers of scent as you move past.

As the day wears on this scent becomes more generically floral and the soapy kind of scent tends to fade a bit. I’m not entirely certain why the word soap keeps floating through my mind. I’m sure there was at some point in my life a soap with a similar scent or something of that nature. The scent is too sweetly floral for me, however it isn’t an overly sweet scent. It doesn’t have that sweet cloying scent that sweeter perfumes can have. It is a bit heavy feeling for me though. It is not a light weight floral that dances through the air. It is a very heavy footed floral. While I know several people who might enjoy this scent, they are also all much older than I am. This is a very mature scent. And honestly, not one that I will be purchasing. So the search continues for the New Year’s Scent.

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