Shampoo Review: Pantene Full Volume

I’ll admit, I normally review higher end shampoo and conditioners. What can I say? I really like a lot of the higher end products for my hair. Still I am not opposed to trying out a drug store brand now and again. In fact one of my favorite drug store shampoos is the Suave Professionals Rosemary and Mint.

As I finished up my current shampoo, I decided to go with a set of products from Pantene. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve used a Pantene product since high school. I remember back then it was one of two brands that everyone raved about. The other was Herbal Essences. I remember most of my friends being split between the two products in usage.

And I remember their commercials were everywhere.

So when I spotted the Pantene on the shelf as I turned into the hair care aisle at Target, I thought why not? So I picked up the shampoo and conditioner for the Pantene Full volume Set. According to the Pantene website, get…


Use as a system with Sheer Volume Conditioner and Volume Body Boosting Mousse.

Give hair the voluminous look you want and the hydration it needs with Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Shampoo. Delivering moisture in every wash, Sheer Volume combines gentle cleansing with added volume for 24 hours. Finally, hair is healthy, lifted and controlled for serious style.


Personally I like that it is Silicone free. I didn’t see any phthalates on the list of ingredients either, but as it isn’t mentioned it could be masquerading under one of the other ingredients without me knowing. Since I’m sure the brand would have mentioned it if they were eliminated then I’m certain they are lurking somewhere.

The shampoo is a clear gel shampoo and the conditioner is a white cream. They look pretty typical. The shampoo lathers well, which I know is not strictly necessary but I like. It rinses clean, which is more important. The conditioner goes in like any other conditioner and rinses out just as easily.

I didn’t have any tangles when using this shampoo or conditioner. There is no heat protection so when I did use a hair dryer, I did use my Mane Club One Hit Wonder ( the best $8 I have ever spent). But if left to air dry there were no tangles.

I did not use the mouse in the volume system, just the shampoo and conditioner as I wanted to evaluate them on their own. Before I get into performance, a word about scent. This shampoo/conditioner duo does have a strong scent to it. It smells clean and like shampoo. There are no flowers or other scents but when you sniff, or when I sniff I should say, it smells like shampoo. It is a nice and clean scent, but it is one that lingers. My hair smelled of this shampoo until I washed it again. And then the scent was back and stronger as I used the same shampoo.

I know, not rocket science.

It is a clean scent, but the lingering is something you should take into consideration if you plan to use it.

Now to the results. When I washed my hair after a walk and let it air dry, my hair was lovely for the rest of the day. It was thick and as soft as silk. This did make it want to slip out of hair ties, but as it is now cooler, I can wear it down more. The next morning all of the volume was gone. Perhaps it would have lasted longer had I used the mousse to lock it in. However, when it says 24 hr it pretty much means only 24 hours. My hair did remain very soft though, which I liked. the texture of the hair was fantastic.

It did absolutely nothing to control flyaways. I was however hesitant to use hair oil to tame them. As you will see below.

My issue is that I wash my hair every other day. While I can live with less volume, I did notice that if I washed my hair on Monday, then by mid morning Tuesday my bangs in particular would look a little on the greasy side. While I live with my Klorane dry Shampoo all summer as one of my hair’s BFFs, generally I give my hair a break once the weather cools, the dry shampoo needed for occasional touchups not as a necessity. When using the Pantene Full Volume, the dry shampoo was still a necessity of I was planning to skip a day of washing. Otherwise my hair looked really greasy. It started with my bangs, but the grease factor spread relatively quickly.

And this was without the hair oil to tame the fly aways. I just let them be so as to try and extend my time without washing my hair to every other day.

If you wash your hair every day, I don’t thin it would be a problem, plus you’d get the great volume. If you wash it every other day, then that in between day won’t have the volume and you will need to have a dry shampoo on hand. The Klorane Nettle infused for dark hair is still my favorite. I did like the way this shampoo made my hair feel and I think that if I planned to go out in an evening, I would use this shampoo during the day so my hair would look fantastic when going out. I don’t think that the Pantene Full Volume will be making it to the line up of everyday use products. It really is that in between day where it just falls flat.

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