Perfume Review: Versace Dylan Turquoise

This past week I reached into my box of perfume samples and came out with Versace Dylan Turquoise. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous about giving this one a week’s worth of wear. I have a history of falling in love with the Versace bottles and then being disappointed when I don’t care for the perfumes.

And I have to say, the bottle on this one is really beautiful. There is just something in that blue and gold combo that I really like. In addition, I find the shape of the bottle really pleasing as well. Oddly this made me more nervous about trying the perfume as I have found the more I like the bottle, the deeper the disappointment. Because let’s face it, if I don;t like the perfume, I am not buying the bottle.

But it was the perfume sample I chose so I took the cellophane wrapper off of the sample, slipped the little tube from the paper holder and started spritzing on the wrist.

I actually found this perfume very interesting. Not wanting to be influenced by the details before I have a few days with the scent I set the card to the side and refused to look at the website. I find it very easy to fall in love with the thought of a perfume.

So flying blind I spritzed and sniffed. My first thought was wow that is a powerful scent. And it is. This is not a perfume to wear in an office environment. You will get noticed in an elevator. The scent isn’t the sort that sticks to your skin like a personal note to yourself. This is a friendly scent that wafts out to visit the neighbors. It isn’t an overbearing scent, but it is noticeable. That is always something I watch out for in a work environment. This is a non-work sort of scent.

I had a hard time placing it as either a day or night scent. I think it would actually work for either. It is not an overly sensual scent. It doesn’t conjure visions of intimacies, it is a rather fun scent though. Which also makes me steer away from office wear.

The thing I noticed most about this scent was that it changed as I wore it. When I sprayed it on, the first twenty minutes or so I thought, Oh nice, fresh and fruity. Is that orange I smell, maybe with a hint of lemon?

But as I wore it, the scent seemed to get slightly muskier. As though cedar or sandalwood were mixed in and sort of pushing the oranges and lemons to the side. At first I thought it was just me. But after a few days I noticed that the change was consistent. Fruity first, musky later.

Neither is a bad scent, in fact i enjoyed them both, I just found it odd. So I went to the website in search of more information.

Sensual, young and fresh, the new Dylan Turquoise fragrance balances the effervescent exuberance of zesty mandarin and primofiore lemon with hints of wood and musk. The vibrant notes are complemented with fruity accents of blackcurrant and guava, as well as jasmine and freesia floral tones. A twist on brand heritage,, the elegant bottle has curved lines reminiscent of a Greek amphora, refreshed in a crystalline turquoise tone.

Versace Website

I’ll admit, I got no floral notes. The scent for me was fruity at the start and slightly musky at the end. There was a hint of the fruit mixed in with the musk at the end of the day. But I really didn’t get florals. I think what is interesting is that the scent seems to mature over the course of the day. In the morning I felt it was an almost too young scent, like a little girl’s perfume. Then the fruit settled down and it felt like I was moving into high school. By lunch time the scent was all grown up. Not old, but just more adult. It also was wafting around less. It was still noticible to those around me that I was wearing perfume, but I no longer felt like i was moving in a cloud of scent.

It is, in my opinion, still too strong for an office environment, but when applied in the morning, by the time the afternoon rolled around I liked it more and felt less overpowered by the scent. I felt more like I was wearing it rather than it wearing me.

Over all I found this scent a very intriguing one. I’m not certain I could wear it on a daily basis, but I really like the thought of wearing it on occasion. There is still a little bit of perfume left in the spray bottle. I may set it to the side and then come back to it in a few months to see how I feel then. Right now i have to say I am on the fence. I like the scent and know I would wear it occasionally. I also know that I wouldn’t wear it regularly. The trick is to figure out if I would wear it enough to pick up a bottle. For me there is the possibility of seeking out a travel sized bottle rather than a full sized on, if that is available. I think that given the amount I would probably use it, that might be the best option. I just have to resist the delightful looking bottle.

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