Unboxing the November 2021 Macy’s Beauty Box

The Subscription boxes for November have started to arrive. The first of the beauty subscription to make it to my door this month is the Macy’s Beauty Box. November was a special edition and I have to say, I didn’t see any spoilers or notes on this so I was very surprised when I opened it and found it was the Yves Saint Laurent edit. That’s right everything from the bag to the products is from YSL.

We’ve had a couple of items from YSL in the Macy’s beauty box before. I have a lipstick and a primer from the brand that both came from Macy’s. That is actually one of the things that I really like about the Macy’s Beauty box. They may have samples, but they tend to lean into the higher end brands . With higher end brands I really like trying samples before I purchase them. There are a lot of higher end products that I’ve tried and loved, but there are a lot of pricy items that simply didn’t work for me. Trying them out in a smaller size from a subscription box like this lets me see if the product is right for me before I spend the money on it.

So let’s see what is in the YSL Macy’s Beauty Box.

The first thing is the bag. I know sometimes the bag is just extra. This bag is extra in a different way. It is a brown, almost maroon tones faux leather bag with gold detailing I love the little metal cut outs and the fact that the YSL logo is done in raise metal lettering. It feels and looks super luxe. I suspect it might be one of the makeup bags I pack for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday. Mostly because it just looks too fab not to use.

Once I got over the sight of the bag I found the infamous OOPS card. So I knew that there would be a substitution in my bag. Knowing this, I decided to look at the items I received before looking at the card and then figure out where the exchange was.

Looking at the items, I’ll start with the two perfume samples. In general each Macy’s Beauty Box comes with two samples and they are not considered part of the five bag items. They are just standard extras. At least that is how I think of them. So the first of these samples was the YSL Libre eau de toilette and the second is the YSL Men’s eau de parfum. Even though one is listed as a men’s fragrance, I look forward to giving them both a try. Sometimes I prefer a more masculine scent. Perhaps this will be one of those times. Either way I will set them aside with the rest of the waiting perfume samples so they may have their turn as a trial scent.

There was another perfume in my bag this month. This is a .25 oz deluxe sample of the Mon Paris from YSL. I know everything is from YSL so I probably don’t need to keep saying it. Listing the brand with the product is a hard habit to break though. The sample comes in a lovely little glass bottle. It will go onto the shelf with the other larger perfumes rather than into the box with the smaller samples. I am looking forward to giving the perfume a try. I have to say the bottle is pretty but I find I really like the look of the box it came in. The black with the pink and gold is just an elegant looking combination. I know that doesn’t really matter, but I do like the look of it.

From perfume we move into the one skincare item in this box. It is the Pure Shots Night reboot Resurfacing serum. I have never used any YSL skincare and to be honest, I didn’t realize YSL made skincare. I find the night serum interesting. I don’t know if you are supposed to use it in conjunction with a night moisturizer or instead of and will have to take a look to find out before I open it. But I think it will be fun to try.

From here we delve back into makeup. The first makeup item is the Radical Volumizing Mascara. This mascara is supposed to volumize and lengthen. As those are the two things I always want my mascara to do, I am a happy camper. Or I will be if the claims prove to be accurate. The formula is also infused with argan oil and pro vitamin B5. As my hair and skin always do well with argan oil I don’t know why my lashes wouldn’t. I think that I will be rotating this mascara into my routine very soon as I am curious about the length and the volume so I guess I’ll see how my lashes feel about argan oil soon enough.

The last two items in my beauty box this month are lip products. The first is the same Rouge Volupte Shine in Oil stick hydrating lipstick balm I have received in a past bag (I think it was either a Red Carpet look Themed Bag or an award winning products bag. Either way I really enjoy the formula of it. The color is slightly on the pink side for me, despite looking very red, but with a darker lip liner under it, the color deeps into something I prefer. The formula is very good and very hydrating. It isn’t terribly long wearing but the lips stay hydrated long after the color disappears.

The second lip product in the box is the Rouge Pur Couture No 70 Lipstick. It is a more neutral pink toned lip stick. From the swatch it seems to have more of a satin type finish to it. I can’t wait to try it out and see how it performs.

So those were my items, but you remember there was that little oops card at the initial unboxing. And so into the little booklet we go. The item not pictured is the second lipstick. The Rouge Pur Couture no 70. That was the substitution. What I should have received is the 0.25 oz perfume sample of Libre eau de Parfum. While I would have loved to have that perfume and I would have loved to compare the parfum to the toilette of the same name, I am okay with receiving one more lipstick and one less perfume. There are two samples of perfume as well as one deluxe sixe sample in the bag. So I am happy with the substitution.

It also helps that I am still trying to work my way through a back log of perfume samples. One less, isn’t going to break me. And you know, I always love having an extra lipstick around. Over all I am very pleased with the items that came in this month’s Macy’s beauty box. It is a $15 subscription and this is one subscription I can definitely see myself carrying forward into the new year.

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Holiday Sale! use code SAVE10 and Get $10 off a 4 shipment membership : Design Your Own Club from Beer, Wine, Cigar, Cheese, Chocolate, and Flower Clubs

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