Look Fantastic Beauty Box November 2021 Unboxing

And so the subscriptions keep coming. My Look Fantastic box for November has arrived. This subscription is normally $19 per month but I have an annual subscription so it drops the price down to $16 per month for me. This is a heavily skincare based subscription, but they usually have a few non-skincare items in the box. Personally oi really like the subscription. Currently they have an autumn deal if you sign up using my referral link then you get 20% off your first box(I also get store credit for referring you, so if you feel uncomfortable about that I understand). This is my referral link if you want to give Look Fantastic a try.

As it is UK based, I sometimes receive items that I am less familiar with, r that I’ve never heard of. I actually learned of the brand Grow Gorgeous from this subscription and now the brand’s Intense Shampoo and Conditioner are on repeat purchase for me. I just had a new bottle of each come in yesterday’s post. I took advantage of The Skin Store’s sale. They generally put Grow Gorgeous on their sales lists a few times a year (sometimes for the brand, sometimes for haircare in general and sometimes as a site wide promotion. Right now they have the site wide promotion. The link will take you to the site if you are interested.).

This month they put their brochure on line and just sent a QR code with the box. I’m okay with them saving paper personally. I have no idea if they are going to make this a continuous thing or if there was just something awry with the printing this month. I was expecting to have to wait longer for the box, but it did arrive quite early in the month.

So shall we see what is in this month’s box.

We’ll start with a quasi-familiar item. It is a moisturizer from Comfort Zone. It is the Comfort Zone Renight Cream. I am always willing to try a new night cream so it will be interesting to try it out. While I have tried other products from Comfort Zone this is a new one for me. I haven’t been blown away by the quality of Comfort Zone in the past, but I am willing to keep an open mind. I am pleased that this is a deluxe sample. Most of what I have received in subscription boxes from the brand have been half the size (15 Ml). This one is 30 Ml so I should at least have enough product to make a good decision about it’s use.

Next up is the one makeup item in the box. It is a tiny stub of a pencil. It is the Diego Della Parma Eye brow pencil. It is the size of a golf pencil. I generally prefer pomades and creamy pencils for my brows (when I am not lazy and skip doing them) but I will give this a try. Partially because it is a small enough pencil that if it works well it will be good for travel. With Thanksgiving coming up, my brain has started switching into travel mode. I have tried a couple of lip pencils from the brand and really liked them. They aren’t the creamiest formula but they ae extremely long lasting. So hopefully this will fall into the same category.

The third item in the box s the NCLA So Rich Cuticle oil. It appears to be a full size. I’m rather happy to have it actually as my cuticles need all the help they can get. Since I destroy my nails doing gardening each summer, I tend to baby what’s left of them and my nails (actually my current favorite cuticle oil is Nailac if you are interested). I baby my hands while I work them and then when my gardening season is over I kind of let it slide and just revel in being able to wear nail polish more than two days without destroying it. Then the heat kicks on and my nails and cuticles suffer. I need to reorder my Nailac as I used up the bottle I had. While I am waiting, I will give the NCLA version a go. I like their nail polish, maybe I will like their cuticle oil as well. It can’t hurt to try.

Also in need of massive moisturizing are my feet. That is a constant this time of year. And again I need to restock. I’ve tried a lot of fancy and sometimes quite expensive foot creams, because my feet always need love. Honestly the product that always works, is the Foot Food from Soap and Glory. It is hands down the best foot cream I have tried regardless of price. It is inexpensive, available at Walgreens and fantastic for really dry feet. In the winter I tend to put it on before bed, put on some socks and let it work its magic overnight. I am out of that as well and need to repurchase.

But that is an aside. And not what is in the box. What is in the box is the Moisturizing foot mask with Lavender from Le Mini Macaron. It is a moisturizing sheet mask for your feet, Think sheet mask booties. I’ve tried peeling foot masks, which were kind of creepy yet oddly fascinating. I have never tried actual moisturizing foot masks. As my feet are so dry at the moment, I might give these a go and see if I can jump start the hydration before going back to my fantastic Foot cream.

This month there is another Balance Me Product it is the BHA Exfoliating concentrate. I know I’ve received this from one of the subscription boxes this year, but I don’t think I’ve tried it. I think it is still waiting in the wings. Balance Me seems to be in a lot of subscription boxes this year. Or maybe I just notice them more because of my love hate relationship with them. I always love how well the products work but nine times out of ten I hate the way they smell. I always feel bad about that because they are a great brand that I want to support and their products are fantastic. But the scents get me every time. I just can’t take them. But I know the product will work well, so I will give it a try. I have my fingers crossed.

And finally we have the sixth item in the box and quite honestly it is the item I am most excited about. I find the other products interesting and I will certainly use them, but this is the one I am excited about. It is the Prai Ageless Throat and Décolletage Cream. I have seen so many before and after pictures that look downright miraculous that I have wanted to try this for ages. I have tried other products from the brand and they have been fantastic, but the pics for this one were just hard to believe. At the moment I am still getting over some sun damage to my neck and throat. It took a beating this summer, so it can use all the love it can get. I can’t wait to open this and give it a try.

So that my darlings was this month’s Look Fantastic box. It was an interesting month for me actually. I need to work on my feet and cuticles so two of the items were very timely. I am thinking about travel products so the eyebrow pencil could be good timing too, depending on how it works. I am always willing to try a new night cream, have high hopes for Balance Me, and I am very excited to try the Prai. Over all it is a pretty decent box this month. With the exception of Prai it isn’t tremendously exciting, but I will use all the items and they actually fit my needs pretty well. That is hard to argue with.

Skinstore Limited Edition Box Set! Worth $345 for $155 ft. Slip, Decorte, FOREO, PCA Skin, Strivectin, Perricone MD, Erno Laszlo, Christophe Robin, TONYMOLY & La-Roche Posay

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