The Daily: November 16th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope everyone survived Monday in one piece. It always seems like Monday just waits to jump out and attack while you are still relaxed from the weekend. Or maybe it’s just the time of year where the todo list seems to stretch on forever. Speaking of to do lists, I just popped onto the Sonix website (they have a 40% off sale going on right now) and even though they are known for their tech based things (I’ve been looking at the Magnetic Link Wireless charger in Pacific blue for my babydoll this year as one of his gifts) they also have a category called Paper on their website. In the Paper listing they have specialized to do pads.

I know, it sounds a little extra but I use to do lists to keep myself on track all of the time. The problem is, I don’t have a set place to put them. So they end up on random note cards and tucked into notebooks in between other information. I think a notebook specifically designed to contain my check lists is something that could really come in handy for me. Also i have a friend of mine who is a total organizational freak and this $10 notebook might be a great stocking stuffer.

My plan in the new year is to work on being a little more organized so now that all of the Christmas shopping is officially done (I’ll still pick up a few little things here and there, mostly for my babydoll since the items just come to the house and don’t need to be mailed out elsewhere again – plus he is like a little kid at Christmas. He likes the one big present but just gets such delight at opening lots of smaller things.) I am looking into things to help make the new year flow more smoothly. I’ve been looking a lot at the Sonix website and the Multitasky site for desk organization and accessories. Not only are their items functional but they are cute. The biggest thing though is that thee is a lot of height variation. I know that sounds a little strange, but if everything is down on my desk top the desk starts to feel junky. If there are different heights then somehow it doesn’t visually seem as cluttered to me. Right now I feel like I am being buried in stacks of things.

But maybe that is just me.

I do think the multiple elevations will help me out.

We are also looking at (finally) finishing up the bedroom. The painting is done, the rug is in and the curtains are hung. Not only are we looking at a new mattress, but we are looking at getting one of those copper infused gel toppers from Sleepyhead. It is supposed to not only be cooling, but it is anti-microbial and bedbug resistant and with my babydoll’s allergies, I think that may be the way for us moving forward. Of course at this time of year we are still playing around with thermostat temperatures as the outside temps fluctuate. For the last few nights I’ve woken up overheated. So at the moment the cooling aspect seems like a fabulous notion. I know they have other infused gel toppers (gel, Copper and Super) but I really need to look into the difference before committing to one of them. At the moment I think we are going copper, but that might change.

And of course once we are finished with the bedroom, I can look at redoing my office (along with several other rooms in the house). when we moved in we were just so exhausted from the constant bouncing around that we just sort of put stuff in places and just didn’t want to move anything for a while, just to regain some sense of stability. Now we are slowly making it more of our own space. Part of the slowness is because my babydoll and I have very different tastes and we have to debate and find things we can both live with.

I know that normally, this is where I would put my daily look and list out all of the makeup that I used today. the truth is I did not put makeup on today. I planned to wear it. However I had a little bit of an issue with the Hourglass metallic shadow. I forgot i was wearing it rubbed my eye and ended up irritating my eye. I don’t think the eye is technically scratched, but I took out my contacts to give it some space and am wearing my glasses today. I felt that the lack of products might just be a good thing for the day. I think I will be calling it a skincare kind of day. I’ve got the Vichy Mineral Face mask out so I can take advantage of the lack of makeup. The Vichy mask, for those who have never used it, is a clear jelly like mask that you kind of spread out like a thick serum on the skin. A lot of it absorbs but then you rinse off the excess. It is a deeply moisturizing mask and it is clear so you just look very shiny if someone happens to stop by to see you. Vichy also has a sale if you are looking to stock up. Personally I love the mineral mask but I also love the Mineral 80 Hyaluronic Acid Serum. That and the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Hyaluronic Acid serum are my two current favorites right now.

15% off 1 item + 20% off 2 or more items. Use code: EXCLUSIVE. Valid 11/15-11/17.

So there is no makeup today, just future planning, stocking stuffer shopping and a little extra skincare moment. there are worse things for a Tuesday. And with luck, tomorrow, my eye will feel better. I’m not sure what this means for the fate of the Hourglass eyeshadow, but we’ll see.

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