The Daily: November 18th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. It has been one crazy day. The weather was unseasonably warm so I started out with a long walk this morning. It was 68 degrees so there was no sweat shirt or coat even needed. It was fantastic. All the fall sights and smells at a very comfortable temperature. I just had a long sleeved t-shirt on, I didn’t even need a sweater.

Oh speaking of sweaters, and other warm comfy clothes, Gentle Herd has started their Black Friday Sales early. There are several pieces I have been eyeing and i think I am take the opportunity to jump on them. I thought I had more sweaters packed away, but when I took out my cold winter clothes there were quite a few things missing. I’m going to be checking the few places I haven’t looked, but I suspect some clothes went out as donations to Goodwill unexpectedly. I will double check, but even if I find them, I still need to increase my sweater options.

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It was easy to see that the warm weather is the result of a front moving in. Walking was a little strange as the dark clouds were rushing in on a fast wind. It felt almost like one of those time lapse movie sequences where they want to show time passing without taking up a lot of time. It felt very strange to walk through. It was clear that rain was on the way so I put a little extra into my morning walk knowing it was likely to be my only walk. I made it back before the rain though.

Unfortunately one of my neighbors was rushing through his set yardwork to get it done before the rain hit and made a mistake.

With a chainsaw.

He is fine, although I think he has earned the enmity of several of my neighbors. He was taking down a couple of the smaller trees at the edge of his yard. It didn’t go well. The trees came down, but one tree fell tearing through a power line and another came down across his next door neighbors drive and part of the street.

Sometimes things like tree removal should be left to the professionals. even if you do have a chainsaw.

So power was out for most of the morning. We have a temporary fix in place so the power is back on and I am able to post this and they have scheduled a more permanent repair. And now the road is clear and the neighbors have stopped yelling at each other.

What makes it worse is that we just had the electrics for the neighborhood upgraded a month or so ago. Before that the system was old enough that any high wind caused services to fluctuate. So we were used to the occasional power outage. Mr. Chainsaw took out one of the newer lines which just upset everyone. It was kind of amusing to see who was working from home though as everyone who was, including myself popped out of their front doors to see what was going on.

It didn’t help that the rain started shortly after the trees fell.

So over all it was a pretty exciting morning. Much more exciting than I planned. There was no hair or makeup done today. There were however several chats with neighbors. And then my neighbor, Agnes, who has dementia, came out and called Commies for stealing her cable and her fudge pops. Then she went back inside.

I’m not entirely certain why she thinks communists would steal her cable. I do know from conversations with Agnes’ daughter that Agnes loves Fudge pops and tends to eat one, throw away the stick, forget she had the pop, decide she wants a fudge pop and go back to the freezer to get another one. She is constantly running out and accusing someone of stealing them.

I suppose there is no reason the communists can’t love fudge pops.

So, today was exciting. Not in an intentional way, but in a neighborhood drama sort of way.

And as today is the 18th, my first Smartass and Sass subscription was just mailed out. They mail out their subscriptions on the 18th of the month each month. So many of my t-shirts simply didn’t make it through this summer that I decided the Smartass and Sass t-shirt subscription would be a great way to stockpile t-shirts with designs I like so that I can at least have enough to get me through a week of walking once the summer heat rises again. Until then, I can at least wear them around the house. well, if they prove to be as good as they look. As my first one was mailed out today, I am soon to find out.

Use Code 10OFFSASS To Get 10% Off Your First Subscription or Shop Order.

I know I was planning on looking at subscriptions next month, but I decided to add the t-shirt one now. T-shirts are a pretty easy assessment. If I like the way the first one fits, then I’ll keep the subscription for a while. f i don’t then it is easy enough to cancel before the new year. No muss no fuss. I am hoping I will like it though.

However, now that we have power back, I need to resume work and hopefully make up for the several hours I did not spend working earlier today. I like visiting with my neighbors every now and again, but it really threw a monkey wrench into my schedule. Here’s hoping I can get it back on track before the end of the day. wish me luck.

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