Haircare Hits from 2021

When I started to compile this list, it started out as a list of my favorite hair masks. Then I realized that despite the number of masks I tried this year, there are a limited number of ones I will reach for repeatedly. It isn’t to say that others are not nice and that I won’t use them, it is just that there are a few set masks that I will constantly reorder. So I decided to expand the list. I already covered shampoos and conditioners in a differently list so I decided that I would go with the general category of haircare that isn’t a shampoo or conditioner but is a product not a tool.

Yeah I know, I need to work on my category names.

But for now…To the List!

  • The Mane Club: As far as masks go, the Cry Baby Mask is my favorite. You can see by the masking tape on the reused glass jar that I have actually used this recently. There are three uses of the mask in each foil packet, so I like to dispense them into glass jars so that they are easy to use and so that I don’t waste a drop. Also on the list of The Mane Club Masks that I love are Bad Attitude and Expert Procrastinator. Not only are they great masks, but they are only $3 each (that’s right three uses, $3) and that is not a sale price people. That’s the everyday price. They are inexpensive and fabulous. However as long as we ware talking about The Mane Club, I have to include my absolutely fantastic favorite product of the year. It’s The One Hit Wonder 10-in-1 spay. It is a leave in conditioner, it is a heat protectant. It is an anti-frizz spray. I know it does a bunch more, but those are the home runs for me. It is always with my hair care repurchases. The brand sent it to me to try at the beginning of the year and I have been repurchasing it ever since. I think this is now my third bottle (newly opened) this year. It is now the standard other products have to reach. Not all of them make it, even the more expensive ones. The One Hit wonder is only $8. And as inexpensive as The Mane Club is normally, they have a Cyber Week Sale going on right now. 30% off sitewide (CODE: CYBERWEEK) and free shipping on orders of $20 or more. And oh yes, I will be stocking up.

  • Klorane: I know, when does Klorane not make my list of top products? While the Nettle infused Dry Shampoo for Dark hair always makes my repurchase list, this year I also added the Nourishing Mask with mango to the list of products to keep around. It is a moisture bomb for dry hair. Normally dry hair isn’t my main issue, but after a beating under the sun during the summer and going into the dry season of the winter, I have been leaning towards the once a week moisturizing mask this year more often. and as far as hydration goes, this one does wonders. As my hair is not normally naturally dry, I can only use it once a week, but once I do use it my hair is soft and silk as well as feeling healthy and moisturized. If I had drier hair, I could use it more than once a week, but for me once a week is enough. And I will happily keep this around to keep using it the once a week.

Klorane – Shop Gifts for You!

  • Cristophe Robin: This is one of those products that i tried, didn’t like, realized I was using it wrong, tried again and loved. When I first used the Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea salt from Christope Robin, I tried using it like a hair mask, as in ‘in place of conditioner’. Oh no my darlings, this is a hair mask that replaces Shampoo. Hence the reason I hated it at first. Once I realized I needed to treat it like a shampoo, I fell in love. I tend to only use this product once a month, but when I do my scalp feels fantastic. It takes off all the residue from any other product I have used off of my scalp, leaving my hair free to breathe all the way down to the roots. The lather is thick and luxurious and my hair always feels fuller and thicker after using it. I actually feel really bad about maligning it in my first attempt to use it and it has made my list of items to repurchase. While this mask is normally $53, currently The Skinstore website has it on sale for $37.10. It is a great place to stock up on haircare and skincare items and right now they have massive sales all over the site on loads of brands. Some of the discounts are up to 75% off. I love shopping there because you can get multiple brands in the same store so if there is one item you like from a brand you don’t have to figure out what else to add to your cart to complete your order, you can just pick something else you love from a different brand. I find I tend to end up with more products I really love this way instead of simply adding something to my cart to get free shipping.
  • Verb Ghost Oil: This is a great light weight oil that stops fly aways while not weighing down the hair. This year I have tried several Verb products and each one has really impressed me. It is a brand I will be watching out for in the new year. This year though, the Ghost oil makes my to be repurchased list. (Currently Verb has a 30% off sale going on.
  • Percy & Reed Wonder Balm: This is a great light weight leave in conditioner. I think it made my to be repurchased list last year, but it is still one that i reach for the most. Actually I need to use up the last of the travel sized container. I purchased the full sized one after trying it, and then stocked up during a massive Skin Store sale on hair care. Then I misplaced the travel size I was trying to use up and just switched to the regular size. It is a really god leave in conditioner that makes the hair feel soft and cared for without weighing it down. The Title Link will take you to the actual site page for the brand, but I had issues getting them to ship to the US, so I generally order their products through Look Fantastic. This is their site link if you are ordering in the US s it is much easier. The Percy and Reed Site is having a 30% off sale and free shipping in the UK, Look Fantastic has loads of rotating sales on bunches of products. the Wonder Balm is currently on sale for $21 (usually $26.30)
  • eSalon: While I have the hair dye from e-salon on a scheduled repurchase (it’s like a subscription for hair dye and you can choose when they send it to you) and it honestly is my favorite hair dye and at this point the only one i use, I do like the Camo Mist and feel it needs it’s own shout out. While I love dying my hair, I like to go as long as I can between dyes as possible. I feel it is just better for the hair. So when my roots start growing out, I use the Camo Mist to cover the slowly growing roots. I’ve actually used it when the roots are quite long (I was trying to decide if I wanted a different hair color) and it worked really well. It gets sprayed in the morning and lasts all day. Plus if you get it and your hair dye from eSalon, they color match them. That’s right, they make sure your root coverage spray is exactly the same as your hair color. So it blends. while I’ve tried other root cover up sprays that work well, they didn’t always match the best. This works well and matches. I am a huge fan of eSalon in general and I love both the hair dye and the associated products they produce. I can’t recommend them enough if you are dying your hair. And right now they have a sale on their color kits. So if you are looking for a refresh before Christmas or New Year’s now might be the time to look into it.

So there you have it my darlings, a brief list of my favorite hair products from this year. A couple are holdovers from last year and I suspect some will remain on my favorites list next year. However we did have a few new comers and I’m sure more will appear next year as well. Personally i always find it interesting to see what ends up being a passing fancy and what ends up being a permanent standard. But whichever way 2022 works out, these were my faves for 2021.

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