Perfume Review: Paper by Commodity

I know, some of you are looking at the name of the perfume and thinking, that seems like an odd name for a perfume. I agree, I thought so myself when this scent arrived in a subscription box. Yet Paper it is.

It is a name that is consistent with the brand. When going on Commodity Fragrances’ Website I found other similarly named scents. Gold, Velvet, Book, Milk and Moss were all listed as fragrance names. While interesting, I also found that all of their scents were listed as personal, expressive or bold. And that each scent had a personal, expressive and bold bottle. (there is one scent listed as Paper – expressive and one that is listed as Paper – personal, and the same holds true for all of their scents).

As these were not terms I came across before I looked into what they meant. According to the site, Expressive is…

The Expressive collection is considered by many to be the perfect balance of longevity and projection. These fragrances will make a statement without overpowering any space ā€“ to be noticed by you and the many around you.

While personal is…

The Personal Collection is for those who prefer a subtle, intimate fragrance ā€“ to be noticed only by you and the few you allow close. Soft, ethereal and luxurious, these molecular compositions have a trace of their ‘Expressive’ counterpart and embody the concept of less is more.

And bold is…

There is no modesty when it comes to the Bold collection. Infused with exotic notes, these are amplified renditions of their ‘Expressive’ counterpart. Designed for those intent on making their presence known, they are for you and everyone else.

According to the rest of the information on the page the three categories are the company’s way of cutting through the traditional distinctions (eau de toilette verses parfum, etc) to something simple that states how many people your scent telegraphs to. It is a nice and simple explanation and an easy to understand system.

The Paper scent that I received is listed as personal. So in theory it should only be noticeable to me and those who I allow into my personal space. The scent descriptor for paper is…

Inspired by the cult-favorite Paper, this woody Iso E Super blend combines with touches of sweet Amber for a scent that comes alive on skin. The molecular wood transcends skin with a lightweight and effortless glow.

We began with Paper Expressive: a sheer and crisp woody blend of Sandalwood and Iso E Super. 

We then made this crisp composition sweeter and softer with a molecular Amber opening for a Personal rendition. 

We also made an earthy, Bold rendition where Vetiver and wet woods cling to the skin.

Commodity Fragrances

For those or you wondering what Iso E Super is, it is described as – dry, woody and cedarlike, with aspects of ambergris, vetiver and patchouli.

It is a strange description. Usually perfume descriptions sound like they are selling you a fantasy. whether it is a romantic fantasy, an exotic vacation to a world that doesn’t exist or a more exciting you, it is still a vision of a fantasy. This seems more workman like in it’s description, which might be because of the brand’s commodity ethos. It is enlightening, but I feel there is something missing. Still it is more about the scent than the descriptors.

So how did this perform?

well first off, the term personal is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to this scent. One spritz and for the next two hours the scent announces your arrival a few steps before you enter the room. After a few hours it does fade back, but in those first two hours it is a bold and assertive scent.

And to be honest, it is not my favorite scent. It took me a while to work out what I was smelling but it basically boils down to smelling like an acidic version of patchouli. There are other more subtle back notes, but they can’t really work their way past that top note to make much of a difference.

I love the thought behind the scent. I love the sleek design of the bottles and in a way, I like the straightforward names. I just didn’t like the scent. If you are a fan of patchouli infused scents, then you may have better luck with this, but for me it simply did not work. Even if you di like the scent though, I would caution you about relying too heavily on the scent space degerminator. While this scent did eventually fade back into something that was more personal in scent space domination, it took a while for it to fade back to that scent. Once it did, it stayed in the personal space for the rest of the day. But it takes a while to fade back. If you are looking to wear a personal scent, apply this one early and give yourself plenty of time before mingling.

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