Weekly Weight: The December Break, December 3rd, 2021

I believe I mentioned this just before taking off for Thanksgiving, but I am going scale free this holiday season. That’s right. it is my gift to myself. There will still be walking and monitoring the food I take in to make certain I don’t overdo it. When I have my regular meals at home I will log the foods in and keep track of calories as normal.

However there will be no scale.

Part of that is because there are so many gatherings and special events this month that my actual meal plan is more or less only about half of the food that I will consume this month. egular meals will be skipped and canapes served, both by me and by other people.

Yes, I will try not to go over board with the holiday treats, but I am not going to go to a friends house and ask them how many calories are in their homemade eggnog. Partially because if you are drinking homemade eggnog then you should really either just enjoy it and not worry about it or skip it all together.

Just know it is highly caloric, have one glass and don’t go back for five additional ones.

Admittedly with the eggnog my friends make, three eggnogs would have you spinning. They are a bit potent. Delicious, but my decision to stick to only one isn’t solely calorie based. While this is the season of joy and celebration it is also the season where a little bit of personal restraint isn’t a bad thing.

This season I will be practicing some restraint, but enjoying myself as I spend time with those I love. Having to get on the scale would just add a layer of stress that I think I can do without this year, so I am.

It is part of my, ‘treat myself with some of the kindness I generally reserve for other people’ program for the new year. I know, I still need to work on my titles. But the theme is there as is the intent. I think that sometimes I can be too hard on myself. I’m sure several of you out there suffer from the same thing. It seems to be quite common. So This year I am going to remember that I sometimes deserve a little kindness too and give myself a break.

As for fitness. This week I had only one missed day of walking. It was the first of the month when everyone seemed to realize the end of the year was almost neigh and there were projects to complete. The following day, I made up for the lack with an extra walk slipped into the day. So even without the scale I feel relatively balanced and good about what I accomplished. And as the end goal of my weight loss is more to feel good in my skin than to hit an actual number, I am pretty happy with that assessment.

i will say though, it was really hard not to get on the scale this morning. Habit, and sheer perversity made me want to step on it even though I knew it wasn’t part of the plan. I think that for the rest of the month i may take the scale out of the bathroom and slide it under the bed. It may be less of a temptation that way.

for now, I am feeling pretty pleased with myself and I’m ready to tackle whatever Friday holds and ease myself into the weekend. I hope you have a fantastic one yourself.

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