Unboxing Ear Fleek

That’s right my darlings, Ear Fleek is back on my list of subscriptions. It is one of those subscriptions that I pick up for a few months and then let go. The reason is simple. I periodically get bored with the earrings I have and want to try something new.

Ear Fleek is a very low cost way to expand your earring collection. I generally like the earrings that I am sent and if I don’t I usually know someone who does and can easily pass them on without much concern. The subscription has gone up in price slightly, but not too terribly much. The current cost of the subscription is $3.94.

I know, pretty inexpensive. All of the earrings are nickel free and even though I often have issues with inexpensive earrings making my ears itch, I have never had a problem with these. I also love that since I don’t spend a lot of money on them,. I tend not to worry about them as much. I’ll be honest, I tend to loose earrings a lot. I think part of it is my hair. If i wear earrings with my hair down then my hair will sometimes knock the back off of an earring. Or at least that’s what I suspect is going on. I’ve never actually caught my hair in the act of sabotaging my jewelry, but I wouldn’t put it past it.

Plus these earrings are just fun and something new. There are three categories. Silly & Fun, Minimalist but Groovy and Boho Babe. Technically there is a fourth category and it is called I don’t give a hoot and they will just alternate randomly between the three previous categories. The cost is the same for all categories. And there is a quiz so they can get to know what i9t is that you like in earrings. You basically swipe yes or no on the picture of the earrings to let them know if you like them and they take your opinion into account when choosing your earrings. At least all of my earrings have been ones I told them I liked.

And you can take the quiz multiple times so they will update your preferences if you decide that your tastes have changed. They also let you choose whether you like silver, gold or you just don’t care. Currently I have silver checked (mostly because I am more picky about the gold jewelry that I like and would rather pick that out on my own.) I am also in the minimalist but Groovy category. For a while i was just in the Silly and Fun category, but for some reason those earrings i don’t tend to lose as much. I think it might be because they are larger. I am now missing several of the smaller minimalist earrings so I figured building up that category of my everyday jewelry collection might be for the best for a while.

Also this is my November 2021 selection. My subscription renews on the 15th of the month and these were sent out on the 22nd. They were a bit slow getting here. As much as I’d like to say it is because of the current postal situation, Ear Fleek has always been a little slow. I will say everything is very well packed though. There is the outside cardboard mailer, there is the inside bubble mailer. Then there is a small drawstring bag (excellent if you decide they aren’t for you and want to pass them along). and then usually the earrings are tucked into a piece of foam so they aren’t bent in transit.

November’s earrings for me were a nice triangle attached to a little silver stud. The triangle has a simple raised pattern on it that actually catches the light well. I like the fact that the dangls have a bit of swing to them while still being subtle. Sometimes I like big earrings, sometimes I like the smaller, more subtle ones. These are a good everyday set for me and I think I will end up getting a lot of wear out of them.

As always I don’t know how long i will keep this Ear Fleek subscription or which category I will end up in. I intend to keep it for a few months to build up my everyday earrings. Then I may switch categories to get a few more fun pairs before either switching back to minimalist or even cancelling. Even if I do cancel, I know that I will eventually circle back. It is just such a good simple and low cost way to add a little fun to the month.

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3 thoughts on “Unboxing Ear Fleek

  1. I got that same pair of earrings from Ear Fleek a while back and still love them! Ear Fleek is such a fun subscription. I don’t get it consistently but a couple of times a year I’ll subscribe for a few months.


  2. I got a box for a friend. Every earring was broken. When I thought from them I thought it was a once an done deal. It was a year ago. They just billed my credit card again . I contacted them and told them I never subscribed and they won’t refund my account . I told them how my friend told me all her earrings were broken and I didn’t want anything and they ignored me. All they did was cancel the account for further boxes. I DO NOT RECCOMEND!


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