Testing out the Figs& Rouge Blurring Primer

This primer came to me in a recent Glossy box and I was thrilled for several reasons. First off, it is a full sized item and I am always happy when Glossy Box has full sized items. Second it was a makeup item and not a skin care item. Third, you know I love Primers. And finally fourth I heard of Figs and Rouge before but never tried anything from the brand, and i am always happy to find new brands that i want to use.

I have to also say that the pink and gold just looks really pretty as well, especially with the thin font they used. Very classy.

But as we all know, it is not just about the packaging. (Although this one’s packaging didn’t hurt.) Since it was new to me, I poked around on the website before I started to use it, trying to find out what I should expect.

Satin Soft Blurring Primer. Fixes Foundation & Finishes complexion for complete Matte Perfection

+ Micro-blurring silicone free formula blurs imperfections & banishes shine.

+ Liquid blotting ‘Finishing’ Complex, absorbs excess oil for sheer Matte Correction.

+ Smooths skin & ‘Fixes’ foundation to keep complexion freshly flawless.

+ Pore minimising & Anti-blemish action reduces skin impurities & breakouts with daily wear


Marshmallow Roots Extract: With a unique & natural anti-inflammatory & antibacterial action. Marshmallow Root keeps skin energised & flawless.

Arctic Cloudberry extract: Packed with Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids & with vitamins C, E and A. This skin loving powerhouse ingredient helps soften & condition.

Hyaluronic Acid: Skin wonder ingredient (HA) Perfectly plumps & maintains moisture levels throughout the day.

Beta Hydroxy Acid: (BHA) Naturally clears congested skin, reduces breakouts & unclogs pores for a clearer & refreshed complexion.

Figs and Rouge website

I know that is a lot for a primer. And maybe I was a bit hasty in saying it wasn’t skin care. And it does have a lot of claims. So lets break it down.. First off I only used this about two weks so there aren’t going to be any major skin magic reveals. However I didn’t have any real breakouts while using it so I can say it didn’t clog the pores.

Just the primer on bare skin, applies wet but dries/absorbs quickly

The first thing that you have to realize when using this primer is that it is a very wet formula. Before you use it, shake it up to make sure it mixes in the tube correctly. Basically treat it like you would an oil foundation from Kosas and just shake it really well before using.

Normally I apply a primer to the back of my hand and then use my fingers to dip into it and apply it to my skin in dots before blending it in. That ways I know it is evenly distributed. I could not do that with this primer. I had to dispense it into the palm of my hand and then rub my hands together as though I was applying a moisturizer. It is a very wet formula.

However it does dry down really well if given a minute. And you really need to give it that minute. It is not a primer to reach for it you are racing to get out the door. Once it dries it is fine. It pretty much disappears into the skin like a serum.

While I felt that it did okay in the blurring department, it wasn’t the best blurring primer I’ve tried. It also has a very strong scent. I am about 90% certain that scent is the Marshmallow root. Mostly because it reminds me of smelling marshmallow root at a health food store my mother used to take me to when I was a kid. I always sniffed the bin containing the root thinking it would smell like marshmallows and it never did. The scent is not unpleasant but it is strong and it does linger for a bit.

To be completely honest I think this products strength is in it’s skincare ingredients. My skin liked the way it felt but each time I used it, the primer felt more like a pre makeup serum than an actual primer. In truth I may actually try using that. I think my skin did benefit from this primer, but it didn’t have the pore filling, pore blurring strength that I wanted. I may actually give this a test as a pre-makeup serum and use a primer over it to see if that works out. that will be an additional test. For now I can say that my skin had fewer clogs and in the past two weeks my skin has looked really good.

As a primer, this Figs & Rouge blurring primer falls into a mediocre category. I’ll test it further as skincare to make certain and to see if it is really worth a purchase. However if evaluating it as a primer it does fall short. The skincare benefits may cause me to change my mind and purchase it for a different purpose, but i wouldn’t buy this as a primer if I was expecting a high level of pore blurring. That just isn’t it’s strong suit. It tries to straddle the line between makeup and skincare, but it just doesn’t quite pull it off. As a primer, this is a no for me. There may however be some redemption in the skincare department. So for now it stays on the dressing table and begins a second round of testing. Stay tuned to see how it performs in test number two.

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