Trying out the KVD Vegan Beauty Lock It Powder Foundation

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying out the KVD Vegan Lock It Powder Foundation. It is not a completely new product to me as I used to use this a long time ago, when the Lock it Powder first came out. I had the old round compact formula. I always found it a pretty good formula, at least what I remembered of it, and when I received this in a subscription box I was curious as to what changed.

The packaging has changed a bit. It is still a compact, but it is a square compact with the lid designed to look like an old wax seal. I find it rather aesthetically pleasing to be honest. The compact dose come with a small late application sponge. I didn’t use this. Actually what I found to be the best tool for applying this powder foundation was the older style flat foundation brushes. I used the one I have from the Billion Dollar Beauty brush kit and it worked fantastically well. Actually that entire brush kit has made its way into my favorites list.

However for the powder foundation, the flat brush from the kit was prefect. It could get into the edges by my eyes and it spread the foundation out well. I tried a fluffier brush with this foundation and it simply wasn’t the best tool. For me the flat foundation worked the best.

I did find that when I used a primer under it, I had to let the primer dry and sort of settle in before I applied the foundation. If I didn’t give the primer time to dry down a little, I would get more of the foundation powder clinging to the damp spots than the rest of the skin. Because this is a shade lighter than I would normally go with my foundation, the spots were noticeable. And this was really only an issue with a wet primer. When I used something like the Benefit Porfessionals, which had a thicker consistency, the foundation didn’t have a problem. I was however testing out the Figs & Rouge Primer this week as well and it is a very wet primer, so I had to wait for it to dry down a bit.

Just the foundation

The foundation was more full coverage than I expected and I was very impressed by it’s performance. I did find that after applying the foundation, if I went over it with a damp makeup sponge it completely illuminated any powdery look the product might have. Even without that step it didn’t look all that powdery once it was blended in. It only looked powdery if I applied powder over it. When I did that, my skin tended to look powdery. As a result I skipped the face powder when I used this foundation.

By the end of the day, the foundation looked a little faded, but there was no peeling or oily spots. Over all I was very impressed with it’s performance.

End of the day

I would like to end with a small but rather significant feature of this foundation. This packaging is refillable. Thee is a pin hole in the back of the compact so that when the product runs out, I can pop out the empty pan and replace it with a new one.

As the KVD Compact is not only pretty, but sturdy enough to last a while, I find this to be an excellent feature and one I will take advantage of when this pan runs out. I might choose to order a pan one shade deeper though. Just for a better shade match. Other wise, this KVD Vegan Beauty Lock It powder foundation was a winner.

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