Face Mask Friday: Peach and Lily Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask

Ah yes my darlings. Today we are continuing the theme of clearing out for the new year. Behold! Its another foil packet. This one is the Peach and Lily Super Reboot resurfacing mask. As every order from Peach and Lily comes with a couple of free samples I know exactly how this foil packet ended up in my collection.

Unlike some of the mystery foil packets that just seemed to have appeared.

I think they like to hide in the sheet masks.

But I love a good exfoliating mask. I know it is technically a resurfacing mask but that word always makes me feel like I am doing road construction on my face. Which seems like something I should avoid doing. I think that level of work should be reserved for medical professionals. Not something I can accidentally do on my own.

So before we crack open this foil packet, let’s see what it is this mask is supposed to do, officially.

This is a pro-level wash-off mask that effectively and gently exfoliates, resurfaces and retexturizes skin. Consider this a unique deep-cleansing, purifying, and resurfacing facial where dead skin cells are unglued, impurities deep within pores are “de-gunked” and fresh skin is revealed. If you’re dealing with clogged pores, rough patches, or bumps, this mask is for you. The result? Dramatically smoother texture with drastically minimized appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Give your skin a total reboot.

Over time, the color of the formula may shift due to the natural ingredients. And that’s OK, as the formula remains potent and stable. This is what natural looks like – so enjoy your uniquely-hued formula. Texture: jelly-like, soothing, light Scent: Subtly fresh floral and hints of the ocean Skin Type: all skin types, even those with sensitive skin

Peach and Lily

The full size of this mask is $43 on the Peach and Lily site.

I have to say when I opened this mask I thought , wow that is a nice color. And because of the floral and oceanic description I had to smell it. It smells light and fresh, but the scent is very faint.

I can’t lie, I was slightly disappointed that the mask mostly just made my face look wet instead of imparting the green/aqua jelly like look to my skin. I don’t know why I find that fun, but it really just made my skin look damp.

first applied

The back of the package says that it may make your skin feel tingly and they aren’t kidding. I put the mask on my face and almost immediately I felt a tingling sensation. It wasn’t bad and oddly it was really only in a few places, predominantly along my under eye and cheeks. At first it was distracting. I planned to lay down and relax, but the word resurfacing kept swimming through my mind so I sat up and was kind of tensely waiting for the tingling to get worse.

It never did. The tingling remained in the same areas but it didn’t get any more tingly. When my timer went off at the fifteen minute mark I went into the bathroom to wash it off. I was pleased to see that there were no real red splotches under the mask. But it did say it was for sensitive skin, so I suppose I shouldn’t have worried. It has just been a while since I have used a mask that tingled so noticeably. It took a little bit of massaging water on my skin for the mask to release it’s hold on my skin.

after 15 minutes it is a sticky layer

In the fifteen minutes it seemed to have turned into just a thin sticky layer. I didn’t have to scrub hard to remove it, but it did take a few splashes of water before the mask rehydrated enough to rinse off. Then all at once it was gone from my skin. I patted my skin dry and let it sit for a minute.

There was no redness or irritation, but my skin, once I let it dry down post rinse, felt really smooth. And it feels really deep down clean. While the skin is smooth there is a feeling to the areas under my eyes that let me know the clogged pores I get are about to be lifted to the surface. I suspect in a couple of hours the raised bumps I usually feel under my skin on the tops of my cheeks under my eyes are going to rise to the surface and need to be cleared away over the weekend. It has that sort of feel to it.

rinsed off, patted dry and feeling fab

Which I am okay with. This is going to be a relatively quiet weekend where we aren’t going out too much. However it is something to remember about the mask. This is a mask you use when you want to clear out your skin and have a weekend available to you where you don’t go out. If you want clear skin, you would use this mask a week or two before the event where you want your skin to be clear and not the night before you are going somewhere important.

I know that sounds strange, but I actually have a couple of masks in that category. They are fantastic at bringing things to the surface so they can be cleared away. The problem is that they bring things to the surface.

While this was just a sample and clearly a one shot sample at that, I think I rather liked using it. I think it is a mask I would not mind using again (knowing not to use it the night before I go out). I think that I will be putting this Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask on my list of products to purchase in the full size.

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