The Daily: December 22nd, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Today was nice and quiet. I got to work on my list of things and I think I am pretty much done with all of the things that need to happen before Christmas. which is a very nice feeling.

It is a lot easier to feel the holiday spirit when most of your to do list is checked off.

So I am feeling a little more festive today. I got a nice long walk in and then meandered through the day’s tasks.

I have to say I did not put on any makeup today. I know, it should have been a great day to get ready slowly. I just couldn’t face putting on makeup today.

I blame Shaina B. Or at least the silver shadow in her Miami palette. It is a great silver but as much as I liked it, getting it off was the most difficult thin for my makeup removers to do. I started with the Makeup Eraser and ended up with a face full of silver glitter as it washed downwards and then stuck as though I was crying silver tears that froze to my cheeks.

While I will concede the look could have some appeal, I was going for a clean face prior to skincare, which that didn’t help. I have a cleansing balm that I broke out in an effort to call in back up. It helped reduce the glitter fall but it didn’t eradicate it. I took a shower and used a different cleansing oil, which helped a lot and then after my shower I ended up with an exfoliator.

The battle against glitter was intense and I just looked at the makeup on my dressing table today and said, no. Just no. So it is a bare faced sort of day. which I’m fine with as it is only me. But it is a reference for the future. That silver metallic shadow may look fabulous, but it should come with a warning. I know some of you are thinking, well glitter shades always linger a bit. I know. I am used to glitter shades lingering. This was lingering with intent. I’m sure at some point I will go back to that shadow because it is lovely, but for now, I’m going to stick with testing out the mattes. And accept that today, is a no makeup kind of day.

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