The Daily: December 28th, 2021

Hello my darlings. I hope your day is going well. As for me I still feel like I am drifting in this strange no man’s land of post Christmas and pre New Years. There are things to be done, but the phone hasn’t rung once today and none of my e-mails sound panicked.

It’s been quite nice actually.

I am still sans makeup today. Partially because it is quiet and I am not going anywhere so it is nice to give my skin a break. But partially because I had issues with my moisturizer. I am still not sure if the product was simply not mixed right or if I just had an allergic reaction, but I got very red and itchy. I worked through all of my products to see which was the culprit (Because I had several new items in my line up) and it was definitely the Juice Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer. Which is odd because I usually don’t have a problem with Juice Beauty Products. Normally I rather enjoy them.

Not this time though.

Once I stopped use, the redness faded, but I am still going to give my skin the break it needs. Plus I have to admit my eating habits have been kind of out of whack as Christmas approached and they aren’t going to normalize again until after new years. Normal schedules are out the window and I have been indulging in some treats. My skin is showing the increase in salt and sugar. At this point though I’m beginning to think a RAW juice Cleanse might be a good way to reset my body. I actually really like their products anyway as they are pretty tasty and tend to use them when I feel like giving my insides a quick nutrient rich scrub down. I haven’t actually done the full on cleanse though. They do have some great sales going on right now on their products. I think it is because this is the time when a lot of people either want to start getting healthy or like me realized they delved a little too fat into the land of salt and sugar over the holidays. I’ll link the site below. Like I said, I’ve tried bunches of their individual products before but never the full on cleanse. I might take advantage of the quiet and poke around on their site for a bit today. I adore the Sweet Roots and the Citrus Carrot, if you are just looking to try out a couple of flavors. Those tend to appear in my fridge often. The Citrus Carrot is great over ice.

Actually the quiet is nice, the sky is gray and rain is on the way, but thus far it is holding off. I managed a walk. Since I just finished a novel, I have been bombarded with story ideas so my desk has scrawled post it notes and index cards scattered across it at the moment. Story ideas seem to pounce as soon as I finish a major project. It’s like they sense that I am thinking about something new and sneak out from under the bed to nip at me demanding to be the next project i work on. It is fun but kind of crazy.

But at least it is happening when my regular work load is kind of light. So that’s nice.

So that is it for me today. Not very exciting I know. But personally, I kind of dig these quiet times. It gives my brain a chance to regroup before jumping into the new year.

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