Perfume Review: Perfect by Marc Jacobs

It is time once again for the weekly perfume review. I have a stockpile of samples that I am trying to get through. Which is also an actual pleasure for me to go through rather than a chore. I love perfumes. I know some people focus on finding one and establishing a signature scent for themselves. I actually know a lot of people like that. I have friends and family that the scent of a perfume always calls to mind.

I think that is great.

It just isn’t me.

I like to have a library of scents. That way I can choose the option that suits the day, the event, the time of year or my mood rather than just choosing one scent and sticking with it. It is one of the reasons I adore subscriptions like Scent Box, because you get a month’s supply of a scent and you can try it out for a long time before committing to an entire bottle. At the moment my Scent box subscription is paused because I am working my way through a box of samples.

I’ve amassed quite a collection actually. My plan at the moment is to spend a week with each of the samples and decide which ones I want to see more of. Then find them on Scent box when I unpause my membership, try the ones I liked for a full month and then decide if I want to add them to my permanent scent library by purchasing a bottle.

I know, it sounds like a lot, but I’ve noticed that there are some scents I like in the short term, but can not take for the long haul. And I am trying not to purchase products I won’t use. So I use this system. It works for me actually.

Today’s sample is Perfect By Marc Jacobs. According to the official site…

The playful and bright fragrance, PERFECT MARC JACOBS Eau de Parfum for her is a comforting floral scent celebrating self-love and being #PerfectAsIAm. The Perfect Marc Jacobs bottle is a fun mix of elegance and modernity. The weighted glass base is inspired by the grace and style of a classic perfume. At the top, the cap is crowned with an eclectic and multicolored collection of mis-matched charms. Each charm was selected by Marc himself, and injects a touch of his style into the design.

Since they talk about the bottle, I’ll comment on it. I really like the weighted glass look of the bottle. I know that the charms are meant to be playful and I’m sure they are nice in person, but in the image on screen I think they come off looking a little on the cheap side. Which is strange because I usually adore Marc Jacobs Perfume Bottles.

But packaging isn’t everything.

From the charms I would expect the scent of banana to be in the perfume as it is front and center on the bottle. While I would describe the perfume as sweet and fruity, banana isn’t the fruit. I would say it is more in the peach family. It is however a sweet peach that has spent a lot of time in the floral department. The first spray is sweet and fruity. Then as the scent settles down, the fruitiness fades to sweet floral. There is some sort of back note to it that I can’t quite identify. It adds a touch of elegance to the scent keeping it from being a little girl scent. It is definitely an adult perfume.

Whatever that mystery ingredient is, there isn’t enough of it to ground and balance it for me. For me this scent is a bit too strong to wear. However this is the sort of scent that I would spray on the paper I use to line the bottom of the drawer holding my undergarments. I know that sounds a little strange but it a scent I like at one step removed more than I like directly. In addition my drawers are cedar lined and when the scent is applied to the paper and laid against the cedar, the cedar sort of gives it the grounding note that I think this scent is missing on it’s own.

It is a nice scent, but for me it is too sweet and a little unbalanced. While I will use the remaining sample on the drawer liners, I won’t be picking up a bottle for my collection. Perfect just isn’t for me.

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