And off we go into 2022

As I mentioned earlier I am going to be off tomorrow. I love taking New Year’s Eve off when I can. Part of it is that I really enjoy the indulgence of getting ready for New Year’s Eve. It doesn’t matter if it is going to be a massive party of just me and my baby watching movies until dawn. I like to prepare for the arrival of the new year.

Last year was a quiet one and I wore fuzzy cookie Monster themed pajama pants, a comfy t-shirt and a new pair of heels. My baby doll and I had a nice meal at home and then watched movies all night.

This year is a little different. we are still having our fancy New Year’s eve meal at home, but then we are going out. To a place where there can be a socially distanced gathering. However I have quickly realized around her that socially distanced gatherings mean that you are going to be spending more time standing than you planned. Also the event tends to have more drinks than food so we are eating first.

So there are no new shoes this year. I am instead taking out a comfortable pair of polka dot wedges. They are from American Eagle and have been in my closet quite a long time. I like the way they look and I feel like I look cute in them. Plus I’ve had them long enough that I know I can comfortable stand in them for long periods of time. While still looking cute. The dress is black eyelet lace with a fitted bodice with a loose skirt that swings when I walk. It is from Torrid and I think it will suit the occasion quite well.

One of the big issues is timing. The dinner my babydoll requested for New Year’s Eve is Beef Wellington. I’ve made it before and it is a lot of steps but it isn’t all that complicated. It just takes time. So my plan is to make the Wellington early tomorrow and put it in the fridge. Then I will do my pre party primping, including soaking in a fabulously scented bath. I picked up a new Bottle of Kneipp’s Dream Away Bath salts. The scent doesn’t make me sleepy but it does really help with the destressing.

After the destressing bath I’ll do the post bath primping, like my nails. I’m going with a base red coat to go with the polka dots in the shoes and then silver glitter on top to make it sparkle for the night. The red is from Nails Inc and has a great satiny look to it. And the silver glitter is from Smith and Cult. I love that the glitter bits are actually flat pieces and not rounded. It gives a much smoother look to the nails. It also provides a really tough top coat. It is a pain to get off the nails so I don’t wear it often, but it looks so spectacular on that I can’t resist. Other Smith and Cult Nail polishes don’t have that problem. It is just the glitter. But I think all glitter polishes are hard to get off the nails when you are done wearing them. They do make really great top coats though. I think the silver with the red will look spectacular.

Then I’ll move the wellington to the oven, dress while it cooks and have dinner with my babydoll before we go out and ring in the new year. I decided to go with the Mon Paris from Yves Saint Laurent for my perfume tonight. I like the way it smells and while it does provide me with my own little bubble of scent it doesn’t travel too far so I doubt anyone in the crowd will find it problematic. Especially given the social distance.

Over all it looks like a fun evening, with a lot of prep beforehand. All in all though, it feels like a nice way to ring in the new year. I hope yours is fun and fabulous. And I’ll be back on Monday to kick off a brand new year with all of you. Happy New Year!

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