Cleaning up with Vitabrid Daily C Balancing cleansing Balm

I love a good cleansing balm. I prefer them over oils and even when I am using a Makeup Eraser, I enjoy using them as a paired makeup removing power couple. Of course, not all cleansing balms can form a power couple with my Makeup Eraser. Shall we see how the Vitabrid C 12 Daily C Balancing Cleansing Balm did?

First off we will start with the container. it is a plastic tub with a screw off outer lid. It is a study enough container that I know I will be reusing it and the lettering even came off fairly easy with just the scrape of the side of a pair of scissors. While I can easily relabel it with a simple strip of masking tape that isn’t a problem, but I do like the fact that i can repurpose it with no issues. And it is a size that I will always reuse. Eventually it will be recycled but it will go through many lives at my house before it reaches that stage.

And it will be a while before it gets to that stage anyway.

But to continue with the packaging, it has an inner lid with a little plastic scoop. I really like the plastic scoop as it means i am not sticking my fingers in the jar and contaminating the product. Also the inner lid has a wide tab to lift out the inner lid making it very easy to remove.

Full face of makeup

The balm itself is a yellowish balm that looks a bit like butter. It has a scent that is oddly reminiscent of the original Elemis Cleansing Balm. It is not as potent a scent but it is very similar to the Elemis cleansing balm in scent. I happen to like the scent personally so I was kind of pleased by this.


To apply I pulled my hair back, scooped out some product onto my hands, rubbed my hands together and then applied onto my makeup covered face. It melted the makeup, even the mascara. Once I massaged it in, I rinsed it off. I would say that about 85% of the makeup came off. It melted lipstick and mascara well and even took off eyeshadow well. It fell down a bit on the foundation. If I skipped my cleanser after using this makeup remover and just considered my face clean then my toner pad showed a lot of foundation on it. If i followed the cleansing balm with a cleanser than the cleanser got what the makeup remover left behind.

freshly rinsed

When I rinsed it off, there was a momentary clouding of my contacts as the balm washed in. There was no stinging and a few blinks later and the fogging of the contacts was gone. I still took my contacts out and rinsed them, but the fact is I was able to rinse them. Some of the cleansing oils and balms I’ve tried never want to leave my contacts if they get in my eyes. Even when this did fog my contacts the effect was only temporary and I did not have to replace my contacts.

This is not a moisturizing cleansing balm. With some cleansing balms when you wash them off your skin feels soft and hydrated. The Farmacy Cleansing Balm is one that tends to fall into that category. The Vitabrid C does not. It washes away clean. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped but it doesn’t feel nourished as well. It basically comes in, does it’s job and leaves. Which is fine for me as I use a cleanser to get the last of the makeup from my skin. I’m sure as it has vitamin c infused into it, that it might be nourishing to the skin and help with brightening, but honestly, it isn’t a product that stays around long enough on the skin to show any sorts of benefits like that. The Vitabrid C12 Cleansing Balm is however a very good makeup remover and one that i wouldn’t mind picking up again. It is just one that I will always use as part of a double cleanse.

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