Trying out Miami Nights with Shaina B

This Shaina B palette came to me in an IPSY box and I have to say it is somewhat interesting. Or at least I had an interesting time with it. Over all it is a fairly neutral red toned palette. The colors are warm and are typically what I am drawn to wearing. And then there is Queen of Diamonds Silver sparkling in the top row. Oh, the sparkle.

But we’ll get to that. This palette retails for $20 and contains eight shadows. There are four Mattes, three shimmers and that silver. The top row contains the shimmers and the silver.

Ice Palace is the shimmer I reached for the most. It was excellent in the inner corner of the eye and stayed in place all day long. Bae Harbor is a lovely coppery tone on the lids and Lincoln red is an almost metallic red that shows up well on the eyelids. All three of these shimmers are buttery soft to the touch, are well pigmented and easy to work with. They also stay where you put them.

And then we have the Queen of Diamonds. It too feels soft and buttery to the touch. Even though it sparkles like glitter it feels like velvet. Your finger tip comes away looking as though you wrapped it in tin foil rather than into a glitter shadow. On the lids it is stunning. Absolutely stunning. It applies as easily a if it was liquid.

But then the clock starts ticking. I tried lid primers and setting sprays, but the truth is, you have about two hours before the silver stages a hostile take over. It will first migrate across the lid obliterating any other color you applied. Then it will go both up and down simultaneously. Your eyebrows are the last line of defense for your forehead. Once it becomes blocked by the brows it ill migrate down your nose and spread out in a silver spangled array across your cheeks.

And it doesn’t” like to give any ground back. You will need every makeup remover in your arsenal to get it all off, and even then three days later you are still likely to find something silvery and sparkly on your cheek or chin. Also if you are using any reusable makeup removal products, take them directly to the laundry, don’t let them hang around or the silver will simply spread.

However if you apply it carefully and sparingly, for the first two hours of wear it is absolutely stunning.

The second row is less problematic.

The second row is where the mattes live. Are they spectacularly unique shades? No. But I would happily use this as an everyday palette. Space is one I could wear as a one and done easily. Blending Vino and Venetian Gray can create more dramatic but still acceptable for the office looks. And MIA Mauve is a great neutral transition shade. The shadows are soft and not very powdery. I did knock my brush off once before applying because that is just habit and some powder did fall off the brush. When I made an effort not to tap the brush off, I still didn’t have any issues with powder going anywhere except where I put it. With the exception of Vino which comes across strongly, the colors aren’t super saturated when they apply. They are buildable though and they blend nicely. They also lasted through the day with minimal fading. The mattes work really well with the shimmers, both in formula and shade. I think the palette was very well thought out actually. Everything works well with everything else. I suppose the silver could be considered the surprising pop of color in the otherwise neutral palette.

It is a very pink toned palette. I happen to like that but Venetian Gray and Queen of Diamonds are the only only non-pink tones in the palette. If you don’t wear warm pink tones, I would skip this palette. As for me, I really enjoyed using it, I will be sparing and strategic when I reach for the Queen of Hearts, but the other shadows in the Shaina B Miami Nights palette are ones I will reach for on a regular basis. And I have to say the formula makes me want to check out more of Shaina B’s eyeshadows.

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