Cleaning up with Elemis Lime Blossom Balancing Cleanser

For well over a month the Elemis Lime Blossom Balancing Cleanser has been a part of my skincare Line up. While I mention it in my weekly line up posts, I wanted to take a minute and go over the product more fully in a separate post.

While Elemis is a brand that I will always go back to because I simply really like the way their products work, most of what I am familiar with is a part of their Marine Collagen line. I was first introduced to this brand through subscription boxes. While I heard of them before, they were a bit on the expensive side and I’ll be honest, when I purchase expensive items it tends to be because I have tried them in sample form and liked them enough to know that I will enjoy using the full sized product.

I prefer pump top cleansers for ease of use with wet hands

With Elemis, since the Marine Collagen line was so often in subscription boxes, I was able to try most of the line and start purchasing with confidence. At least from that line. I had also tried several items from their Super food Line. This Lime Blossom Balancing Cleanser is one I went out on a limb with a little bit. I had not tried anything Lime Blossom from Elemis , but by the time I ordered it I had enough confidence in the brand to feel good about ordering the full sized product. The full sized 200 ml bottle of this product is $36 which is actually quite a good price for a cleanser I thought. Most of my cleansers seem to come in this basic range.

two pumps of product were enough for a daily cleanse

Literally nothing I have ever used from Elemis has given me problems, and this cleanser was no exception. The Lime Blossom scent is lighter than many of their other products. The Lime Blossom scent, which I personally adore, is present, but it fades very quickly. Perhaps this is because it is a cleanser, perhaps it is because the scent of Lime Blossoms isn’t an overpowering one. If you have never smelled lime blossoms before, I highly recommend finding a lime tree and taking several deep breaths. The scent is lightly floral with a hint of citrus teasingly in the background. I find it an absolutely lovely scent.

The face was is light and creamy. It has a pump, which I really like for cleansers as it lets me control how much product I dispense. I always go through tube style cleansers far too fast simply because I squeeze the tube with wet hands. Sometimes that results in little product coming out, sometimes in loads more than I intended. Of course that also depends on the tube, some are easier to use with wet hands than others.

I still prefer the pump. And this one is good. It is a thinner style of pump but large enough to be sturdy and used with one hand. I generally found that two pumps was enough for my morning use. I tended to use more in the evenings to remove makeup. While I do love a good cleansing balm I did try this cleanser without a makeup remover beforehand. This cleanser will get you about 85% of the makeup off (non-waterproof makeup) without using a makeup remover balm prior. Personally i like to remove my makeup , then cleanse and then bask in the glory of a mostly clear toner pad. But that is just me. If you don’t use a makeup remover prior, then this is still a good cleanser to use. Just know you will have some makeup residue on your toner pad.

Product on face (sorry for the bad angle/ blur as my hands were wet and the camera was slipping) the cream texture lets you see where it is applied.

The cleanser is not foaming. At all. To apply I wet my face and then massaged the cleanser into the skin. It applies just like a cream. While I do enjoy a good foaming cleanser, there is a great deal to be said in favor of a non-foaming one. The first is that you can tell where you put the cleanser on your skin. I liked applying the cleanser and seeing that my whole face was covered before I started massaging the product over my skin to get it clean. It let me know I hadn’t missed a spot.

The product is thick enough that it really didn’t drip so it was clean to apply and use. I also use a vibrating skincare device. While I often use it to massage in serums, it works really well with this style of cleanser and I felt I got a better clean because of it.

The Elemis Lime Blossom Cleanser rinses off clean without either stripping the skin or leaving any form of residue on the skin. My skin felt soft and clean, which is pretty much what I want from a cleanser. It was also a gentle formula that was non-irritating. During the past month I tried out a moisturizer that had an ingredient my skin did not like. Irritation followed and while I was careful with the products I used while the irritation faded, I never had to discontinue use of the Elemis Cleanser. It was gentle enough that it didn’t hurt or further irritate my irritated skin and still allowed me to wash my face with no issues. Over all, I found this Lime Blossom Balancing Cleanser to be a fantastic purchase and it is one that I will make again in the future. A month of use has seen me only a quarter of the way through the bottle and I am glad it will remain in the line up for a while longer.

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