Perfume Review: Inkling Scent’s Sultry

I remember this roll on scent, Sultry from Inkling Scents, coming in a Birchbox a while ago. I remember sniffing it, thinking it smelled nice and that I liked rollerballs and then putting it in the box of sample scents to try.

And then forgetting completely about it.

When I went into the box to choose my next scent I heard something rolling around in the bottom of the box. I was concerned that rolling could equal breakage and ended up fishing this scent out to try simply because I didn’t want it rolling around. I am actually rather glad I did. The more I used this scent, the more I started to like it. According to the Inkling Scents website…

Wearing this smooth fragrance is an exercise in seduction. The base is creamy sandalwood and white amber, the heart is lotus flower, orchid and Bulgarian rose, while the top is silky vanilla. The blend is provocative, but clean – like naked skin. This mix is deep and rich enough to leave you purring with pleasure. This is our best selling women’s scent. 60,000 bottles went out in the FabFitFun luxury box!

Inkling Scents
plastic rather than metal roller ball

The scent is a light sandalwood blended with a hint of musk and orchid. Underneath I smell a bare whiff of vanilla. To me it is the right balance of earthy and sweet. I wouldn’t say that it is sultry or seductive. Generally when I use those sorts of terms I am thinking of a perfume I would put on for date night or an evening snuggled in with my babydoll.

This, isn’t that.

It isn’t a scent designed solely for quiet times with that special someone or even night time, which is also when I think of sultry scents. This is a scent that you could easily wear any time. It is subtle enough that you could wear it in an office environment without causing your coworker in the next cubicle over to wonder what you have planned after work ends. It isn’t a travelling scent, but one that generally stays in your personal space. It also had a sort of fresh, almost green scent to it that lightens the musky notes up so that it seems appropriate for day time use.

the mini roller ball is about the size of a bullet lipstick

I did notice that the longer I wore the scent, the more the musk became prominent. hen first applied the scent did seem more orchid and vanilla based with the sandalwood and musk as base notes underpinning them.

As my body heat worked with it, the scents flipped and the orchid and vanilla became the under pinning notes lifting the sandalwood and musk into a lighter fresher space. I enjoyed both versions of the scent, actually. I don’t think it would work as well for me in the warmer months though as it seems like a scent more suitable to the fall and winter. I suspect it might feel a bit heavier once the weather warms.

It is also not a terribly long lasting scent. If applied in the morning then I was catching whiffs of scent until about two in the afternoon. Around two-ish if I pressed my nose to my wrist there was a vague hint as though I just finished using a heavily scented hand soap. Half an hour later, there was nothing. I am using the smaller roller ball for application so i don’t know if that is part of the fading process. I personally really like roller balls and I like the fact that this is easy to tuck into a purse and rea apply. The good thing about this scent is that with the roller ball and the light, easily faded scent, it is incredibly difficult to apply too much of this scent. There is no over application. So you can’t over do it. Or if you do, then you are just wasting product not causing a scent riot in the office elevator.

Personally I find this scent appealing. This is my first scent from Inkling’s scents and it does make me want to try out several more. I like what I’ve read of the company on their website and will no doubt be trying a few more of their scents in the future. As for Sultry, the roller ball I have is the mini roll on (retail $15) and it will last quite a while. I suspect that when it runs out, I will be replacing it. I’m not sure if I’d go with the full size or stick with the mini roller ball though. All I know is that I am glad to add this Sultry scent from Inkling Scents to my collection.

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