Rub a dub dub with Salt Body Scrub

I’ll be honest, it took me a while to pick up this Kosette Salt Body Scrub to try out. This sample size arrived in an IPSY Glam bag a while back but the look of it was not that appealing. while I love body scrubs, scrubs with charcoal always leave a lot of clean up behind in the shower and bath so often times I avoid them in favor of other products.

In my holiday/pre new year clear out, I found this scrub and decided it was time. I would try it out and face the bathtub clean out so that I could use the scrub and get it off the shelf. I honestly thought that any appeal the product had would be completely mitigated by the fact that I had to scrub charcoal out of the tub. It turned out to be a lesson in judging something by it’s appearances. First lets take a look at the product page.

Made to feel like a day at the beach — this body scrub gently exfoliates the skin with gray sea salt while bamboo charcoal extracts and entraps toxins to be washed away to achieve a balanced and smooth skin. Made from nature’s most effective ingredients, the Kosette SALT body scrub is your solution to flaking skin, body acne, and uneven texture.

100% vegan and cruelty-free. No Alcohol, Parabens, Coloring, or Synthetic Fragrances.

out of the tube

Now I do like salt scrubs and any time I have used charcoal in masks I have liked the way it draws out impurities, so theoretically this should be up my alley. And so I took the scrub to the shower. Oh in case you are wondering, I actually found two of these sample sizes in my bath samples when I went looking. I think one came as part of an IPSY bag and the other came in an IPSY mystery bag. while one went to the shower since I didn’t want to take pictures of me naked in the shower I took the second tube to the powder room and took pictures in my hand over the sink. There is no naked Mimsy in this post.

Dispensing the product it was as charcoal-ly black as I expected it to be. The salt granules are thicker than I expected as well. I don’t know why I thought they would be finer grained. I think it might be because I was trying out an exfoliator for my face earlier in the day. The thicker grains are perfectly sized for body scrubs though. just not for the face.

There is a bit of an oily feel to the scrub which are the skin softening oils that allow it to do it’s job. Oddly enough I was expecting a charcoal type earthy aroma from the scrub. That isn’t whjat I got. I also didn’t get a sea salt kind of scent from the scrub either. Despite what my eyes told me my nose should be smelling, I kept smelling oranges. I thought it was something else in the shower but at the moment I am finishing up the Candy Cane scented products from Native so everything in my shower smells of peppermint.

It wasn’t until I scrolled through the ingredients list that I realized it actually was the Salt Body Scrub I was smelling. buried in the list of ingredients is orange peel oil. It isn’t the first ingredient but it is the scent that is most prominent. Honestly I am quite happy with that as I not only like the scent of orange but it also went really well with the peppermint scents already in the shower.

turns gray as you rub

So nose approved, I began to use the scrub. As you can see from the photo of my hand, the scrub sort of emulsifies as you use it and turns gray. While the gray would make a lovely color on the wall, as a creamy product on the body it is less than appealing. However it continued to lighten as I scrubbed and by the time I rinsed off and the remaining product went down the drain there was very little residue left on the shower tiles.

The massively extra charcoal clean up that I feared was not needed. There may have been a little gray residue around the drain, but the entire shower was not gray black. In addition, my skin felt well scrubbed, clean and smooth. The salt scrub was not overly harsh and the oils in the product left my skin feeling smooth. The light orange scent of the scrub disappeared down the drain with the last of the product, but it was pleasant while it lasted. There was enough in one tube for a single shower with a little left over. Combining the little left over with the second tube I ended up eking out three showers from two sample sized tubes.

Now they are both empty and I am sad to see the product go. I went from avoiding it because it looked dark and forbidding (and likely to cause me to scrub charcoal from the tiles) to wishing I had another tube to use, or better yet, a full sized version of this Kosette Salt Body Scrub. I think this scrub is definitely going on my list of items to repurchase. Which just goes to show, never judge a product before you’ve tried it.

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