Unboxing the January 2022 Glossy Box

That’s right, another unboxing as my Glossy Box for the Month of January has arrived. (if you want to try the January Glossy box, the site has a code FIRST15 which will let you try your first box for $15)And it’s a good one. Before we get into the box, a little but of basic info, the box is $21 per month, if you sign up for longer commitments you still get to pay monthly, you are just obligated not to cancel for the length of time you ae a member. I liked this box a lot when I paid $21. I liked it enough to sign up for an annual membership. So I get the box for $18 per month and in general I love it for 18 per month. It is a mix of full and sample sized items.

I love that it comes with the items wrapped in tissue with a little ribbon around them. I know it doesn’t really affect the value of the products but it does make me feel like I am opening a present every month. Sure it is a present I bought, but it still feels like a gift. usually there is a pamphlet with the box telling you all about the items. This month there was none, so I’m just going to wing it.

The first item in the box is one that I believe I received last month in a Look Fantastic. I used it, loved it and am happy to have another one. It is the Moisturizing Foot mask with Lavender from the brand Le Mini Macaron (the link goes to the site, but I think I’ve actually seen them for sale at Target as well). In the winter it is an ongoing battle to keep the skin of my feet hydrated and this mask was a really big help just before the Christmas Holiday in giving my feet a much needed moisture bomb. It feels a little strange, but it is really hydrating for the feet.

The next item in the box is a full sized pack of Julep Love your Bare Face Brightening Cleansing Cloths. I have mixed feelings about this. I love the brand Julep and I have even tried their Cleansing Cloths. They are really good and take everything off without leaving your face feel stripped. they ae great cloths and I really enjoy using them. I have however cut cleansing cloths out of my routine because I don’t like the waste. I will use them. And I am happy to have them because I like them. Its just that when I use them i realize how convenient it is to have them around. And then I have to remind myself not to buy them again. However I did just get an eyeshadow palette in with a glitter shadow in it that I am dying to try. having the disposable clothes means that my Makeup Eraser won’t end up infused with glitter, so there is a definite plus to it. Its just one of those thing I love but know I shouldn’t use. So I’ll have back and forths with this until they are gone. But it is a nice product, it is full sized and I will use it.

Annoyed with my internal debate yet? Don’t worry, moving on.

The next product I have also heard of and am quite excited to try. It is the Philip Kingsley Bond Builder. It is a sample size. this product is designed to help with split ends. I’ve used Phillip Kingsley leave in conditioners before and loved them. This one seems to be a pre shower treatment. I think I’m going to have to look it up, especially as it is also a split end treatment. I’m actually quite excited to try it out. With my hair and the small size I doubt it will be more than one treatment, But I am looking forward to giving it a go.

The next sample sized tube in this months box is Anto Brightening Serum from Codex Beauty. I think I have received a moisturizer from the brand a while back, but i don’t think Ive used it. I’ll have to check. Either way I have heard of the brand but know very little about them. It is always nice to find out more about a brand. I seem to have a lot of brightening type products coming my way lately. Perhaps it is the season. Brightening for winter, self tanner for summer maybe?

There is one more small little tube in this month’s box and it is the Day Dreamer Cleanser from Blume. I know they are an organic brand but while I have heard about them I have never tried anything from them and am really looking forward to trying out this cleanser.

There are two more items in this box. The first is a Black Marble Facial Roller. It is a good size and looks well made. It is from the brand Afterspa. I have several of their products lurking in various places around the house. While I do have several jade and quarts rollers, I to like that this has the double roller. One large one on the top and one smaller one on the bottom for smaller spots. while I like using the Jade Rollers in general, for me they are amazing in the summer time. They actually help me roll away some of my heat headaches. Having several I can keep in the fridge and then take out as needed is not a bad thing. Plus the black marble does look kind of cool. And with the gold metal parts it looks quite elegant as well.

And finally we have an item from invisibobble. But it is not the usual trio of hair ties that look like they were kidnapped from a telephone cord recycling plant. Oh no, this is something different. It is the Invisibobble Bun Star. It is basically a thin spiral of plastic that you can use to wrap around your hair and keep your hair in a bun. I suspect the buns in the pictures with the product are much neater than mine will ever be, but I still look forward to giving this a try.

Over all I have to say I was very pleased with this month’s selection of products. This box felt full and all of the products inside are ones I want to use. I may have a little angst about the disposable cloths but i will use them anyway. I just won’t repurchase. Over all I am very pleased with my January Glossy box. What a great box to start out the new year.

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