Unboxing the Macy’s Beauty Box for January 2022

Oh Macys. I always love your beauty box, but this month, you gave me anxiety. Sometimes having access to all of the tracking information can drive you a little bit mental. This Macy’s Beauty box is $15 per month ($16.46 with tax) and is usually a really good Beauty Subscription.

They tend to lean towards more high end products. I really like this because often the products they send are ones I would really like to try, but don’t want to experiment with at that price range. If I like them, I’ll end up buying them, but honestly I like to try even drug store products before I pick up a full sized version. I just don’t like buying any product and then have it go to waste because I simply didn’t like it. I’d rather try out the sample first. with the higher end products, this personality quirk also helps me save a bit of money.

Usually Macy’s charges for their Beauty box around the 27th of the Month before (charging in December for January’s Box) and then they send the box out the first or second week of the month. This month I was Charged January 3rd (Which I suspect had more to do with the Holidays than anything else). Then later on the 3rd I received an e-mail saying the boxes would be shipped late that month. Again that isn’t an uncommon thing. But then I received a tracking number on the 4th saying it would arrive on the 14th.

I figured they weren’t running as late as they thought. Then on the 14th it claimed to be at my local post office but was listed as delayed. It was out for delivery on the 18th and then it actually arrived on January 21st. I’m sure that mostly has to do with the post office and not Macys. It just felt a bit like a saga to get it here.

So what arrived in this box the Post Office seemed intent on keeping for themselves? Well the first item out of the box would make me want to keep it for myself. It is a travel size of the Elemis Cleansing Balm. I can’t be mad at a subscription that sends and Elemis Cleansing Balm. At least not on the month they send it. This is hands down, my favorite cleansing balm. And I am happy to have it in any size.

The second item out of the box is a deluxe sample sized tube of the AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream. It is a classic and it is a fantastic hand cream. With AHAVA I am hit or miss with their other products, but their hand creams are fantastic. This one has a really light scent and is not only super moisturizing but excellent for those with a sensitivity to strongly scented skincare products. After trying out the Bloom and Blossom, the low scent is actually kind of nice.

The third item is one I have seen before. It either arrived in this subscription box or a Birchbox. I can’t remember which, but I am very pleased to have it. This is the Clarins Total Eye Lift. It is a great product and I enjoyed using it. The biggest issue is that there was almost no product in my last tube. I tried it for two days I believe, before it ran out. This one feels just as light. I’m going to roll it into my line up right away simply because I don’t think it is going to last more than a couple of days and I know I like it so i might as well clear the sample out while using up the discontinued Bright Eyes I am currently working through. Plus when samples are so small I always worry the air in the rest of the tube is going to make the sample go bad. I’m sure it won’t but I’d like to just like to go ahead and use it up rather than have it kick around the drawer for later.

Continuing on there is the Youth Haus Glow and Go Gold Eye recovery Eye patches. While I have never heard of the brand, I do love eye patches. This is a single set so I will put it with my other single sets. I really need to actually use the single set ones. I usually just buy a pack of my favorite brand, use them and then just re order forgetting that I have singles from subscription boxes. I may make a concentrated effort to work through them to see if any of them are as good as my standard and deserve to be ordered in a full sized box as well. Regardless, I am always happy to see another set of eye patches.

Moving along is a box that dominates this month’s subscription items and I think it may be a full size. It is a set of the Babor HydraPlus Hydration Ampule Concentrates. It says there are seven Ampuls, so a week’s worth if you are using them daily. When I went on the website they seemed to sell the boxes in the same size as full sixed (for $29.95 on one of my favorite sites The Skinstore), so I think this is the full sized item. Which is kind of awesome for a $15 beauty box. The description sounds like they are amazing for winter dry skin, so I may be trying these out soon. As the cold settles in, my skin just dries out more and more. So perfect timing from Macys. Someone there was thinking.

Usually there are two perfume samples in this box, but this month there was just one. It is the Beautiful Magnolia from Este Lauder. This is a brand that I think everyone recognizes. They have been around for a long time and I know there heaps of long term fans out there. I have to confess, I don’t think I have ever tried anything from the brand. I vaguely recall something that might have come in from a subscription box, but i think I might have passed it on. Or if I tried it I have no recollection of it. which is kind of strange since they are so well known. I think my Aunt has been using their foundation since before I tried out my first lip balm. And you know I love trying out perfumes. I will definitely have to give this a go. And perhaps look into more Este Lauder trials at some point. It just feels strange to realize I’ve not tried the brand when it has been a part of my little corner of the world for so long.

But that my darlings is the January Macy’s Beauty Box. It had to fight it’s way through the postal system to arrive here, but I have to say it was worth it. There are products I know, love and will use as well as products that I am really looking forward to trying out. This was a great month. Actually most of the Beauty Subscriptions are having a really good January. I know I’ve sounded very up about my subscriptions this month, but it seems like everyone is just intent on making January a really good month. I don’t know if it is a start the new year off right sort of plan or a determination to make 2022 a really good year, but I hope that they can keep it up.

And possibly sort out shipping.

The bar has been set pretty high for subscription boxes this year. I can’t wait to see what February brings.


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