Trying out some bling with the Soon Golden Eye 24 K gold Patches

I love eye patches. They are adorable little under eye masks capable of perking you up and depuffing the under eye area. Or at least the good ones are. There are two I reach for consistently and that I repurchase. One is a long time favorite and it is the under eye masks from Grace and Stella. In allergy season they are my saving grace and I always keep them to hand for deputffing and perking my up while my allergy meds are working in keeping my air ways clear. Sometimes my allergy medicine can male me feel a little drowsy and I find they are a great topical way to combat that feeling.

in package

Lately the Grace and Stella eye masks have been joined by the Klorane eye masks. They aren’t as energizing but they de puff a little bit more and really help the bags under my eyes deflate when I have had a sleepless night. Insomnia and I are old friends. Mornings after a no sleep night get Klorane eye masks and allergy season is dominated by Grace and Stella.

while I love both brands (and will always repurchase from them) I have started accumulating a collection of single pairs of eye masks from different brands. They tend to come in subscription boxes. I always ooh and ahh because I love eye masks. And then I reach for my two standards and forget to try out the singles.

on face

So now I am making an effort to try them out. I think I have about ten pairs so I will be using them once a week to try out the non-regular use eye masks to see how I like them. The first pair I took from this collection is the Soon Golden Eye 24K Gold Eye Mask. Soon sells them in a jar of thirty sets for $54 or a 10 pack for $28. According to their website this 24K gold hydrogel mask…

Prevent collagen loss, and renew skin with our 24K gold eye patches. Formulated with 24K gold to slow collagen breakdown and reduce fine lines, and niacinamide to brighten your under eyes, our biodegradable hydrogel eye patches leave your under eyes firmer and brighter. In our opinion, it’s way better than bling.


I’m not entirely certain gold actually does anything for your skin, but it is definitely pretty. And I like that it is biodegradable. Or at least the eye patches are. The plastic they come in, might not be as earth friendly.

In general I like the hydrogel formula for eye patches. I generally find it makes them stay on well so I can wear them while working at my desk. These came out of the package easily, applied well and stayed in place the entire fifteen minutes I wore them.

post mask, eyes refreshed, but one use isn’t going to give much in the way of long term skincare benefits

They are a bit more highly fragranced than I care for but it isn’t an unpleasant scent, just a little on the perfum-y side. There wasn’t a lot of excess serum, just enough to saturate the masks and keep them in place, not enough to drip down the cheeks.

Once the masks were removed I looked at my skin. It feels hydrated, but I didn’t see a lot of depuffing going on and not a lot of brightening. Nor do they have the energizing appeal of the Grace and Stella eye masks. Theses Soon 24K Golden Eye masks feel good and I think with repeated use I might see some reduction in fine lines, however I am not a fan of the perfume and they are a bit pricy for something I am just okay with. I think for me to purchase these on the regular I would have to love them. I like them and would happily use them again, because my under eyes do feel moisturized and somewhat refreshed, but I don’t love them. I am however happy to have tried them and look forward to seeing what other eye patches are lurking in my collection.

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