The Daily: February 2nd, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. Today, there will be no makeup. And I’m afraid the fault lies with the Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Clearing mask. No there was no allergic reaction or anything sinister. It is just that the pore clearing mask is, well, clearing out my pores.

At this point I think it is reaching down into my soul and pulling out blemishes from years gone by. Which is sort of its job. Its hard to complain about a product that is working as it should. And doing a really good job of it. I’ll have my full review of the mask up next week if you want the break down. It is just that while the mask is working, my skin is in a state where currently I don’t feel like putting makeup on top of it. It feels like I should just let it be.

And since the closest thing to in person interaction I’m going to have to day is passing the dog walkers on my walk, I decided that today I would go bare faced and just let my skin have a moment. Tonight there will be an exfoliator to help clear a few things out, but for today I am just letting it be.

Somedays nothing is the best option.

well nothing for my face. Today I went on one long walk and I will probably do another later today. Rain with possible snow joining in is on the way. But what that means now is that temperatures are up a bit (not an alarming bit, just enough so it is less bitter to walk outside) so I am taking advantage of it. Remembering last week when I over did it and simply didn’t lose anything, I am trying not to over do it. I also suspect that this might be my last walk of the week. I can see the clouds massing. And so I am going to slip out and sneak a last walk in before they arrive.

And then get back to work. Hopefully tonight’s use of exfoliation will help my skin get back on track and makeup will resume in the morning. even though I like my no makeup days, it always makes me feel as though I’ve forgotten something when I run around bare faced for a full work day.

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