Let’s talk lip liner

Lip liner is one of those categories I tend to forget about. Well, I forget about them until I actually need them. Then I lament that I don’t have the shade I need. Recently this set of lip liners from Evio Beauty came in a Boxycharm box and I have really enjoyed using them and in general remembering that I have several lipliners I need to use more regularly.

Lip liners in general are used to line the lips. You can use them to line your actual lips or you can use them to alter your natural lip shape. Personally I have never had much luck in using the liners to alter my lip shape. One part of my lip is actually a little higher than the other on the top and any time I use the lip liner to alter my shape I end up looking like i had a makeout session with a clown.

bare lips

It isn’t a good look.

However I am pretty good at lining my actual lips. The liners give you definition and if you are using a liquid lip that happens to bleed into the fine lines around your mouth, a good lip liner can coral that lipstick and keep it from happening.

Lip liners can also be used to help alter the shade of a lipstick. I have a lipstick from Buxom that I absolutely adore. The formula is fantastic, but the shade tends to wash me out a little bit. With a lip liner underneath it changes the shade just enough to be perfect for me.

as the tip dulls the lines widen

The big down fall of lip liners is that they can really dry your lips out. If you use them all over your lips, it is best to apply a moisturizing lipstick over the liner or to have a lip balm handy.

These Evio Beauty lip liners were very creamy, which is nice. Some lip liners can be rather dry pencils and not all that fun to apply. These were creamy which made them glide onto the lips easily. However it does mean that the points wear down pretty fast, so have a sharpener handy. And the more worn down the point becomes the wider your lip lines will be. The sharper you have the point, the thinner the line you can draw.

I know, it’s not rocket science is it?

over all lips

When trying out these liners, I used them as lip liners to corral a liquid lipstick that likes to bleed into my fine lines and it worked great in containing the lipstick. I wore them all over my lips in place of lipstick as well. They never reached a point where there was color still on my lips and I wasn’t leaving lip prints behind me. It is a less drying formula than many lip liners, which I appreciated as my lips are now winter dry. However after about two hours, my lips did feel parched and I put a moisturizing lip balm over them. That is generally the best way to wear lip liners as lipstick.

You really need to have something clear and moisturizing to go over them. However in a pinch, these lip liners could be thrown into a purse and taken with you for a quick and easy lisptick replacement. Just remember a hydrating layer and that they don’t have a long staying power and you will be find. They last longer with a lip balm or moisturizing lipstick over them,. but on their own you have about three hours of wear unless you don’t eat or drink anything. It will come off on a glass rim or with any food consumed.

I was very impressed by the creamy formula and color pigmentation. My only concern is that with all of the sharpening that you have to do to keep those creamy points from flattening out, they aren’t likely to last long. But they are nice while they are here. I will continue to use them and yes, when they are gone, I will replace these Evio Beauty Lip Liners.


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