Do I care for I Dew Care?

Today’s mask is one that has been lurking in my masking drawer for a while. It came in a set of three jars, all from I Dew Care and all masks with different purposes. I used one, didn’t think it did much and as a result ignored the other two. So today, I decided to break out the I Dew Care Matcha Mood Mask and see how it performs.

This was originally part of the three piece set. The mask I tried was Cake my Day. It was sweet and fun, but had no real skin beneficial properties that i could find. I have Berry Groovy Still waiting in the wings, but to day is all about the matcha.

Matcha Mood is a green tea-scented wash-off mask infused with antioxidant-rich Matcha, Soothing Aloe and radiance enhancing Vitamin B3 to calm, soothe, and refresh stressed complexions.

I Dew Care

Opening the jar, the scent of matcha does waft out. There is no doubt that if you love matcha, you will enjoy the scent. If you don’t, then you won’t. It is simply very present. I like matcha but I don’t love it. It is something I can take or leave, depending on what it is in. I have a real fondness for the subtle sweet and earthy flavor of matcha ice cream, but I don’t like cold matcha drinks. I’m kind of picky about what matcha I will consume, but the smell is something I am okay with even if I won’t deliberately seek it out.

Clean pre mask face

The look of the mask in the jar reminds me less of matcha and more of whipped avocado that is about to go from green to oxidized. It hasn’t quite oxidized yet, but it’s right on the edge. To ne honest when applied to the face it feels a bit like room temperature avocado as it is spread on the face. The mask spreads onto the skin easily and stays in place well. It is thick enough that there is no dripping.

mask applied

And I did have to sit up actually. Oddly enough because I remembered I needed to order a candle. I was getting ready to lie down and relax and light up one of my favorite candles from Paddywax (Its the Edgar Allen Poe Candle form their Literary collection. I keep meaning to order the large candle, but I just love their little tins with the smaller ones, that I just buy those.) And I remembered it is February and Valentine’s day is coming up.

mask after 15 minutes

Not only does Paddywax have a great Valentine’s Day sale on their candles, but this is the time of year when they offer their Sparkling Grapefruit candle in the color block holder. I’m not sure why the grapefruit is considered a Valentine’s candle, but I do know that my babydoll loves it. We put it in the living room and he really enjoys the scent. So I am taking advantage of the Valentine’s sale to order it. By the time I ordered it, much of my masking time slipped away (I also perused the rest of the site and debated a couple of other candles – their checkout process is actually easy) so I just stayed at the desk instead of zoning out.

Enjoy 14% Off the Valentine’s Day Collection at Paddywax!

While I was wearing the mask, I can’t say that I felt any tingling or reactions from the mask. Which is fine, tingling is not a sign that a mask is working. It is just a sign that the mask tingles. The mask really just feels like I have a thick layer of cream on my face. Removing the mask was super simple. I just used a damp cloth to wipe it off and then I splashed a little water on my face to remove the last dregs and patted my skin dry.

skin post mask (the water from my tap was very cold, hence the red tinge to my skin)

After a few minutes I checked back in with the mirror and my skin to see how the mask performed. My skin felt clean and moisturized. There was no waxy residue left behind and it was a nice afternoon break, but to be honest it wasn’t anything special. Nothing was especially soothed or refreshed. There was no real calming of the skin. My skin felt moisturized because I slathered it in cream and left it covered for fifteen minutes. It felt clean because the cream washed off without residue.

The best thing I can say about it is that it allowed me a fifteen minute break and did no harm to my skin. I like the name and I like the various scents, but this is the sort of mask you do with your twelve year old niece when she comes over for a spa day. It was fun, and I will use up the last of it, and give the berry scented one a shot, but The Matcha Mood is not a mask I feel the need to pick up in a larger size.

14% Off Valentines Day Collection

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