Its time for the February 2022 Macy’s Beauty box

After the back and forth with the post office last month this month, my Macy’s Beauty Box arrived a day before it was slated to. It was a February miracle. I really do like the Macy’s Beauty box actually. It is $15 per month ($16.46 with tax) and I almost always end up using all of the items. This month was a little odd because it didn’t come with any perfume samples. It was a little strange not to see them if I am honest. I think they didn’t include them because there was one item that could have crushed them. Either that or they couldn’t find any perfumes that fit their theme.

This month’s theme is black-owned beauty. It is being done in honor of Black History Month. And I have to say some of the products look really good. Also this month’s box was really heavy. It came in at 2lbs. I can’t remember what last month’s box weighed in at, but I know it was significantly lighter. But let’s get into the Beauty box.

The first item is a makeup bag. Usually they have some kind of bag, or they will put in an item that takes the place of a bag. this month they have a bag. It is stiff black canvas with the word love on it. The exterior is a heavy canvas and the inside is a thick wipeable plastic. It looks quite heavy duty and durable. There is no information about the bag in the enclosed card. So that is all i know about it. It seems nice though.

the heavy item that may have crushed perfumes and made the package weigh two pounds is a full sized bottle (500 ml) of Urban Hydration Lemon and Berries Micellar water. I can’t smell anything through the seal, but i am always down to use a good micellar water. I have never heard of the brand before but love that the water is blended with Vitamins A and E. I’m going to leave it sealed until I try it, but i am really looking forward to trying it.

I am also really excited to try the Lovinah Skincare Blue Butterfly mask. I know when am I not excited about masks. But first off the small glass container feels luxe in the hand. There is something about gold lettering on black glass that just gets me. I know, I’m easy. However in the picture in the brochure the mask looks very blue.

I looked at it and thought, there is no way that mask is that blue. So I opened it. Holy cats it is that blue. Since I opened it i will probably be using it as my face mask for tomorrow. And because I just can’t resist the blue. It’s like smurf blue. That is going to be so much fun. And hopefully skincare-tastick too. The blue just gets me though.

The third item in this month’s box was the Butta Skin Aha/BHA rosewater toner. There was a little bit of leakage from this toner in the bag, but luckily it was fully encased in it’s own bubble wrap bag so it didn’t go on everything. And there was only minor leakage. Just a few drops, nothing major. It is enough to let me know this smells very rosy though. Rose is one of those things that some times i like some times I don’t. I love the Nuxe rose scents with both their moisturizer and their mask(both are absolutely fantastic), but there are other skincare brands that just can’t pull it off. We’ll have to see which category this one fits in when we try it out. I do love that it is in a glass bottle though.

The next item I have tried before and really liked. It is the Rucker Roots GTC Curly Hair cream. When my hair is shorter, or has more layers, it has a bit of curl. Not a huge amount, but some that I can enhance with a curling iron. It has a light clean scent to it, is very lightweight in the hair and provides moisture without looking greasy. What I like to do is use my curling iron to help with whatever curls I am using for the day and then put some of the cream on my hands before i finger comb the curls out. It helps fight the dryness from the heat and works really ell with my hair even though i don’t have massively curly hair.

And finally we come to the Shea Yeleen Coconut Melon Shea Body Cream. I love Shea butter in my body creams and I think Melon should be used more as a scent. I mean seriously, think how refreshing that would smell in the summertime? I am a huge melon fan and it just doesn’t come along often. I can’t smell anything through the seal but I have my fingers crossed that the coconut doesn’t dominate. I just finished a small tube of lotion so I am more than happy to roll this into rotation. And yes I have my fingers crossed for melon. I’ll let you know how that works out.

As for now, I think this is a great mix of products. There is only one that I have tried and i am hoping to get my hair trimmed soon. once i get layers put back into my hair I will be doing a lot more styling. With this length and the fact that it is pretty much all the same length at this point, I haven’t been doing much to my hair other than tying it back. I was trying to grow out my last ill-fated attempt to put layers in myself. (It was not a good idea and some things you should just leave to a trained stylist. Or at least i should. I shouldn’t be left alone with scissors and intent at least).My attempt has grown out so there is now plenty for the stylist to work with when I actually get a chance to book an appointment. I tried last week but they had too many stylists out and everyone in was overbooked. But soon….soooooon.

All in all though i really liked this bag. The Micellar water and toner look like interesting products to try, I am enthralled by the blue mask, happy with the hair product and keeping my fingers crossed about the body lotion. That makes this a really good month in general for me. If you are looking for monetary value, that is there too. While I payed $15 the box this month is said to have an $83.24 value. I think a chunk of the value is in the blue mask. It looks luxe and a full sized container is $82. While the monetary value is good and I certainly think I got my money’s worth, they are all products I will use, which makes it worth my while to subscribe. February was a good Macy’s month.

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