The Daily: February 10th, 2022

Hello my darlings. I hope your Thursday is going well. Mine has been a bit chaotic. Every time I sat down to do my makeup this morning something interrupted me. There were several phone calls and then the neighbors dog escaped and decided to sit at our back door and howl.(he is some sort of coon hound mix.)

I don’t know those neighbors well (or at least well enough to have their phone number) so I had to sneak out the front door without alerting the dog and get the neighbors to come get him. Luckily they were working from home.

It was a bit more of an adventure then I planned for the day and once things settled down I went to work and only realized a few hours later that I hadn’t gotten past the priming section of my makeup application. I started testing the Rodial Glass Skin Primer today so I guess I get a full day of just the primer because by then I just decided not to bother with the rest. I can say it feels nice against the skin during application and that it is otherwise unnoticeable as it is a clear formula. It is supposed to have skincare propertied (I think) so maybe it will do something nice if left on it’s own. I’ll have to see how that works out.

I did realize that there were a lot of Valentines Day sales going on or getting ready to start so I figured that since I wasn’t listing makeup products, I’d take a few minutes to list some sales that are either ongoing or coming up. Hope it helps if you are looking to shop.

And we start with something fabulous from Klorane.

Klorane is spreading the love with FREE SHIPPING from February 11th to February 14th– no code, no minimum, no worries! Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galantine’s Day or self-love, be sure Klorane is included in the sweetness.

The Peony line understood the assignment with its soothing properties and on theme pink hue! Klorane carefully selected a Peony with scientifically-shown properties to soothe sensitive skin and irritation. The Shampoo with Peony and Gel Conditioner with Peony are both pH balanced and provide immediate soothing and comfort. The Soothing Scalp Serum helps to restore the scalps natural balance, leaving it hydrated, protected, and soothed.

aDesigh Beauty: Get $10 Off Orders $50+ with code TAKE10!

Dr. Squatch Valentine’s Day Collection – Give the Gift of Squatch or Treat Yourself!

Versed Skincare: Headbands are Back on! Shop our Pink Headbands for a Limited Time Only!

Sol de Janeiro: Free Mini Hair Repair Mask with purchase $40+

Damila: Take the leap and get a full-on keratin treatment at home

VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL At! Receive A Free Gift With Every Purchase + Free Shipping On Orders Over $99 – Use Code: VDAY22 At Checkout – Shop Now!

The Mane Club:

I know there are far more than I listed. I’ll try to double back later today or tomorrow with a longer list. Hope you have a great day.

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