The Friday Face Mask and Blue Butterflies

I’ll admit, I usually have a system for testing out my face masks. But sometimes a mask is just too enticing to resist. That is what happened today. Today I thought about the masks that have been patiently waiting in the wings for their turn at a trial. I thought about the fact that i haven’t yet chosen another mask for my month long trial yet.

And then I looked at the bright blue mask that came in my Macy’s Beauty Box and decided to use that instead. Today’s mask is the Blue Butterfly Stem Cell Hydration Mask from Lovinah Skincare. I have tried out a lot of masks in the past, but I have never seen one that is this electric shade of blue before and I will admit i just had to try it. According to the official Lovinah Skincare website.

Experience true marine beauty, with this signature deep sea and plant-stem cell facial suitable for all skin types. A luxurious mask of pure natural deep-sea minerals, known for its beauty-enhancing properties, plant stem cell proteins help to boost the skin’s regeneration cycle and pre/probiotics help to protect, hydrate, repair and nourish the skin.

Deliver a surge of intense healing hydration and extra energy to skin for a hydrated, plump, supple skin with the Blue Butterfly Mask. Benefits: Exfoliates dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, Boost and stimulate collagen  production, Protect the skin from environmental damages, Improves moisture and boost hydration, Contains detoxifying, oxygenating, hydrating, antiaging, renewing and rebalancing properties

Lovinah Skincare

All of those are things, I am very much into. Looking over the ingredients, one of the items listed close to the top is the butterfly pea plant. For a while this was a huge craze in cocktails as it turns the liquid a blueish lavender color. I’m guessing that this mask has a more concentrated form and that is where the blue comes from. There are no real chemical dyes listed. There may be other plants that turn things blue but the butterfly pea plant is noted for it. The mask also has the same floral aroma as the cocktails I remember having butterfly pea flower in (although like the color it too is much more concentrated in the mask than it was in the drink).

bare face pre mask

I don’t mind the blue, although I think that I look like i am trying to infiltrate a squadron of smurfs. If Smurfs moved in squadrons. Which they might, I don’t know. I don’t remember my cartoon mythology.

The scent of the mask in the jar is intense. It does dim slightly once the mask is applied to the face, but it is still present. It is a very strong floral scent so if you are sensitive you might want to watch out. I kind of wish it was a little less scented but for fifteen minutes it isn’t a bad scent to have around. I couldn’t take it day in and day out though. Luckily it is a mask and not a moisturizer.

mask first applied

The mask applies well. The directions say to apply a thin layer and I was surprised by how little of the mask was actually needed to cover my face. Then once on, I waited fifteen minutes. Luckily, no one knocked. And no dogs sought shelter at my back door.

(Incidentally I found out the dog ran off because the neighbors kids were chucking bottle rockets over the fence. I don’t think they were aiming at the dog but he decided to take no chances and fled. The owner mentioned going to have a word with the kid’s parents. The local school is out because of staffing shortages and apparently they finished their at home work early. There have been some interesting changes in neighborhood dynamics recently).

mask after fifteen minutes

When washing off the mask, I used a damp cloth. The mask came off fairly easily, but at first it left a slight blue tinge on the skin. I get a similar residue from charcoal masks. The mask leaves but a bit of shading is left behind. So I ended up splashing some water and rinsing that way and the last of the blue tint faded. I haven’t washed my masking wash cloth yet, but i did use a separate cloth just incase the mask stained it like some charcoal masks can.

blue residue

I was a bit leery of the bright blue on the cloth. But as I generally use a cloth I don’t mind staining on for my face masks it wasn’t a big deal. I’ll know after the wash if any staining occurred, but it is better to be safer than sorry.

after a full rinse and a moment to dry and react

After patting the skin dry and waiting a few minutes I can tell you that my skin feels like it has had a gentle exfoliation. It feels clean and hydrated and not at all stripped down. Anything more in the way of skincare benefits would of course require repeated use to ferret out, but the immediate results the mask promises are there. Judging by the mask left in this sample sized jar, I probably have about two to three more uses left of this mask. Since I have yet to choose a mask to test long term, I might go ahead and see what frequency this mask is supposed to be used for to achieve results and use the rest of it accordingly to see if I can find any results. I am very pleased with today’s look and feel of my skin post mask. This is my first experience with Lovinah Skincare and overall, it was quite positive. This is a brand I will have to spend some time looking into, even if The Blue Butterfly Mask does look like I am getting ready to infiltrate Smurfdom.


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