Unboxing the February 2022 Boxycharm Premium

I don’t know what is going on with the e-mail notifications for Boxycharm shipping but this month I received my tracking information in the morning and while it gave me the number it also had the message to check back again later once it was entered into the system. Then that afternoon the box arrived on the doorstep. which is fine, but not exactly how tracking numbers are supposed to work.

However my Boxy Charm Premium box arrived unscathed and so I was happy. This is the premium box. It was $35 per month and recently went up to $39.99 ($43.89 with all applicable taxes). For this price you receive six full sixed items. For the premium box you are allowed to choose two items.

The first Item I chose for my box was the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette (retail $67). Personally I think that $67 is too much to pay for this palette, but I really do like the Huda Beauty Formula in the other palettes I have from the brand. (actually I feel this is a $35 palette and currently it is on sale for $33.50 if you are interested. The link will take you to the brand site it isn’t an affiliate link) Hopefully this will be a similar formula. This is one of those brands I love receiving in subscription boxes, because I always feel their products tend to be slightly over priced. even though I o like them. So for me the subscription box is kind of a good solution. The colors in this palette are really nice as well. It looks like it should be a good mix of neutral shades for everyday wear plus some pops of color and shimmer to brighten it up. I actually can’t wait to play around with it.

Top: Dime Eyelash Boost Serum, Middle, Moonlit Eye lid primer, bottom Uoma Lip liner

The second item I chose was the Dime Beauty Co Eyelash Boost Serum (retail $44). Now I have used the Grande cosmetics Lash enhancer and really liked it. It has been a while though so it will be fun to give this one a try. I am not a false lash kind of person even though I love the look. I should just not be trusted with glue around my eyes. I end up pulling out all of my natural lashes. So I would rather try out serums and other enhancements for my natural lashes. I’ve never heard of Dime Beauty and I will do a test patch before I start trying out the serum, but if there is no irritation then I look forward to giving it a go. I do like that the package is nice and heavy and feels kind of luxe in the hand.

From here we go to the four products that Boxy Charm decided to pick for me and my box. I’m not entirely sure they even look at the beauty profile any more to be honest. I really think they just alter the variations based on the items you chose. I could be wrong but that is sort of how it feels to me at the moment. If you ae wondering my box variation was C2202201-PM. I’m guessing the 2022 is just the year and the PM stands for premium. (I know, I’m swift with the logic). Which just leaves the C2 and the 01 unaccounted for. Not that it means much but if you are keeping track of numbers, there you go. And if you happen to figure out what the C2 means, let me know. I’m fairly certain the 01 is just the variation.

But on to the items.

First up we have the Christophe Robin Instant Volume Mist with Rose Water. (retail $$38). In general I like Christophe Robin. They are a great brand. Their sea salt scalp cleaner is on my repeat purchase list and I am currently testing out their leave in daily conditioner. I’m not so sure about the volumizing spray though. It isn’t a hair product I tend to reach for often. Mostly because they either tend to make my hair a bit sticky (I like in a humid place) or they make me look like i am going up for a CMA award circa 1983. While I love a volumizing shampoo, sprays for volume aren’t my favorite. I will give it a try, however the Rosy scent is a little off putting as well. It is a strong rose scent. But who knows, maybe I will try it and fall in love. We’ll have to see, after all stranger things have happened. And it is good to see the brand in the box as I really do like the brand as a whole.

Next up we have the Moonlit Makeup Primed for the Night (retail $18). It is an eyelid primer for shadows. I generally only use eye lid primer when glitter is involved. Otherwise it is a category of products I just don’t reach for often. I do like that it is in a wand form and I have several shadows with which to try it out. It just isn’t something I will reach for often and not something I’m that excited about. It feels like a filler item. Maybe it is meant to pair with the eyeshadow palette. I’ll try it out and perhaps it will be fabulous, it just isn’t something I am going to get all that excited about.

I am weirdly excited about the Vike Beauty Makeup Melt (retail $24). It is a makeup removing spray. I’ve used a lot of makeup removers and while some have been pumps, none of them were actual sprays. Maybe it is a common thing i just don’t know about, but I am looking forward to giving it a go. while I love makeup removing balms, it would be nice to have a product that doesn’t need to be scooped out. So this I actually find really exciting.

liner swatch

And finally we come to the UOMA Beauty Badass MF Lip Liner (retail $16). I am on the fence with this. On the positive side I have heard really good things about the brand but never actually tried them so I am glad to see them here and hope there are more products from them in the future. On the other hand this is the third month in a row that I have received a lip liner in my box. It is also a stiff pencil lip liner that isn’t all that creamy. It is strange with lip liners (and eyeliners for that matter). The singe ones always feel like filler items. ‘What do we have that isn’t that expensive that we can chuck into a box so there are six items?’ If it is paired with a lipstick or came in a set of two like the EVIO Beauty pencils then it feels like an item. On it’s own it is less impressive. But I hope it is an indicator that there will be more from the brand at a later date.

This was sort of a mixed box for me this month. I think that because the last two boxes were so good and I wanted to try pretty much everything in them, this one just feels like it fell a little flat for me. Two of the items (volumizing spray and eyelid primer) are simply categories that I don’t use often and the lip pencil just feels like a filler. I’ll still use them, but there isn’t a lot of excitement. I certainly feel like OI got my money’s worth with the two items I chose though so over all I am happy. This was just not a month where I was super thrilled by every item. And subscription boxes are like that. The past two months have been really great, this one not so much. After a few months with the price increase, I find I am okay with the price increase and still feel that the Boxy Charm Premium subscription is worth it. I just wish they’d take a break with the lip liners.

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