Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag X for February 2022

While I generally have the Glam Bag Plus ($30 per month) once a quarter it is replaced by the Glam Bag X. That month the cost goes up to $55 ($60.36 with tax). In that month you receive eight full sized products. They also choose a celebrity Curator for the month. Sometimes it is great, sometimes it really doesn’t seem to impact the items all that month. This quarter was curated by Addison Rae. The quarters for the IPSY Glam Bag X are February, May, August and November. You may notice that those are different from the quarterly Boxy Luxe Months in case you get both.

Since IPSY bought out Boxy Charm I’m pretty sure that is on purpose. Three of the items are Items you get to choose from a list of available products. This month’s choice was pretty good and there were several items I liked in each category so it was actually a choice and not a simply choose the one thing you think you might like. It was honestly a good choice. I also had an add on that i was massively excited for. Unfortunately it wasn’t in the box so I had to contact IPSY Care and that is being sorted. So I did start my unboxing with a little disappointment. I know these things happen, I was just really looking forward to the Korres Santorini Velvet Skin Drink arriving. But alas, I must wait, just a little bit longer.

And there was also little bits of plastic floating around in the box. While most things shipped well, the cap for my Color Wow Hair care product broke in transit. It won’t affect the product and to be honest I lose the cap generally within a few weeks of opening it, but it wasn’t a good way to start. But it is a good place to begin my recap of the box. The first item we’ll talk about is the Color Wow X-tra Large Bombshell Volumizer (retail $26). (Color Wow does have a 20% off deal going on if you sign up for their newsletter)

You may recall there was a volumizing hair product in my boxy charm as well this month. It came from Christophe Robin and while I like the brand, this isn’t a category I use a lot of. I absolutely love Color Wow, but again, this isn’t a category I really enjoy. Color Wow’s Shampoo and Conditioner are in my top five hair care products, I just tend to use volumizing shampoos and call it good. I’ll try the spray and I love the brand, but I’m just not enthused by the type of product.

I am thrilled with the Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Palette though. (retail $20). It is one of those products i keep meaning to pick up but haven’t gotten around to it. I’ve heard great things and whenever i was in ULTA I always passed the rack and thought about adding it to my cart. The problem was that I stopped shopping in person and leaned into On-line purchasing and therefore forgot about it since I no longer passed the rack. The colors are perfect for the sorts of everyday looks I favor so I am very much looking forward to trying this palette out.

The third item is skincare and I have to be honest, I was kind of tickled to see it in my box. It is the MZ Skincare Soothe and Smooth Hyaluronic Acid Brightening eye Complex. You know I love hyaluronic Acid and I am always down for a good eye cream. The cost of the eye cream sort of took me back a bit. It retails for $143 which I wasn’t expecting in an IPSY box to be honest. (although currently on sale at Lovely Skin for $115. Actually Lovely Skin has a pretty large sitewide sale going on right now if you are looking to stock up, they are one of my favorite stores).I am not adverse to spending more on eye creams and moisturizers, but they have to be worth it. For me to purchase this item it has to beat my top three, especially since it is pricier than all three. (Verso, Perricone MD , and Lancome). Wheter it will or not remains to be seen, but I am happy to give it a go. And since my eye cream has only a day or two left in the container, i will be rolling this MZ product in later this week.

The next item in my box was the Kinship Super Melt Vegan Lip Jelly. (retail $18). I am always happy to try out a lip treatment, especially at this time of the year. I recall seeing Kinship products around, but i don’t think I have ever tried them so it will be interesting to see how they perform. I did think the box was a little large for the tube and in fact it made the tube feel disappointingly slender as I took it out of the box. But hopefully it will perform well.

The last item that IPSY Chose for me is the Tula Skincare 24/7 Moisture Hydrating Day and Night cream (And no I didn’t type that wrong it is actually called the Moisture Hydrating even though it feels grammatically off, retail $52). I know that some people swear by Tula. I have had some issues with them in the past. Some of their products work fine, others I could take or leave. The issue for me is the scent. They tend to be highly scented. I am not opening this one yet so I don’t know if that is a problem. I am leaving it sealed until I actually start to use it. Oddly enough my mom really likes the scent. So what i am going to do is open and take a sniff shortly before i see my mother next. If the scent is something I can live with i will try it out. If not, I will put the lid back on and pass it to her, letting her know it is open.

As strange as this sounds we often have a relay with skin care items. My mom knows that i will generally have products to pass along when I see her so she finishes out a lot of her products before she sees me and I tell her which ones have been opened and which haven’t so she can start with the opened products. Because we tend to have opposite tastes on a lot of things (especially scent related items), it sort of helps reduce waste.

And now for the three items that I chose. The first is the Keys Soulcare Harmony Mask. (retail $28) I have been wanting to try out this brand since it came out and am thrilled to see it here. I sort of pounced on it when I saw it on the choice list. I don’t actually remember what it was up against, but I chose it. I also love masks and while the label talks about the gold foil mixed in I am more enthused by the Manuka Honey and activated charcoal. And you know I love masks. The purple/black glass jar is stunning and feels super luxe in the hand as well. It’s sort of ink well shaped which always gets me so I can’t wait to try this one out.

The other two Items I chose are both cleansers. I know, two cleansers in the same box. But it was my choice and I do actually go through cleansers fairly quickly (more so in the summertime because I can’t not wash my face after sweating it out on the walking trail) So I know they will get used. The first cleanser I chose is not listed in the paper break out they send with the box. It was the 111Skin Cryo Pre Activated Toning Cleanser. (retail $70). I have in general had really good luck with most 111Skin Products but I have never tried a cleanser from them. So I thought I might as well give it a shot.

Not taking it out of the box because I know as soon as I do I’ll want to open it and I just started a new cleanser this morning.

the final Cleanser I chose i just saw and couldn’t resist. It is the An/Hydra Waterless Clay to Foam Daily Cleanser ($60). It is a powder that you add water to to make your own cleanser. I tried the Amore Pacific Cleanser that was like that and fell absolutely in love with it. So I saw this one on the list and just had to try it. It seemed like something that would be fun to use.

This month my disappointment stemmed from my missing add on and cracked plastic lid. While I am a little disappointed that the Color Wow Product isn’t one of the many Color Wow products I know I love, I’m still looking forward to trying it out. The Tula was a little disappointing as well since I’ve never had any luck with the brand, but mostly because whenever IPSY sends a Tula product i rate it low so they won’t send it again. So having them send it means that my reviews aren’t actually being taken into account. which is disappointing. Everything else though was fantastic. I am very happy with the products. Most of the value is in the eye cream, which I plan to use and can’t wait to see if it is worth the $143 price tag. In general it was a good month for me with the IPSY Glam Bag X.

Last year was the first year of this subscription level and it had just as many highs as it had lows. I am hoping that this year things smooth out a little bit and they pay a little more attention to the profiles. But this was a good solid month. I don’t think I would want this box more than once a quarter, but for a once a quarter extravagance, it is a subscription I plan to keep for a while longer.

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