Unboxing the February 2022 Scentbox

Normally I combine my unboxing with my trial of the scent in the subscription and simply talk about Scentbox with the perfume I am reviewing. However this week, I didn’t really wear a scent and since I was on a break with scent box for a while, this time the subscription was sent to me as though I was a new subscriber, so I thought I would review it individually.

Scentbox is a perfume subscription. For $15.95 per month you can get one 0.27 ounce tube of perfume sent to you. The scent comes in a glass spray bottle that fits inside a metal travel case. To use you twist and the atomizer portion pops up, then you twist it back down again after use. I don’t know why that amuses me so much but it always does.

Sometimes it is just the little things, you know?

The first time you get the subscription it comes in a reusable padded box. After that it will just come in a padded mailer. while I will use the box as it is a nice size (and with the foam insert removed really nice for holding jewelry). I am perfectly fine only getting the box once. It saves on waste. with the subscription comes a card with the scent of the month on it. The scent this month was Eternity Flame by Calvin Klein. I didn’t get this scent, the scent I am trying out is Cinema from YSL. But I do like the cards as I often fid out about scents I hadn’t heard of and will later add to my line up.

Get a 30-day supply of designer fragrance for $14.95/mo. Get 35% Off First Month, ScentBox.com

In addition to the box and the scent there is one of my favorite things about this subscription (besides the scent) that comes in the mailer. It is a return shipping label. That’s right. If there is any problem with the scent or you just plain don’t like it, you can send it back free of charge and they will send out the next perfume listed in your queue. I received a perfume that I not only didn’t like but that made me sneeze continuously. I chose it, so there really is no one else to blame but myself. Still I sent it back thinking if nothing else I would at least get it out of the house. there were no issues and they sent the next scent in my line up out right away. It was quite fantastic.

I love that I can choose what scent I want to try out from a wide variety. If I like a scent but am not sure I want to purchase a full sized bottle, I can also repurchase a second tube and have it sent with my monthly selection if i want. Also they offer full sized bottles of most of the scents offered in their subscription for sale on the website. So if I try it and like it, I can purchase it from them. What makes this extra fabulous is that each month you are subscribed you receive scent bucks that you can save up and put towards an item from their website store. I currently have $21 or somewhere thereabouts. It accumulates monthly and when I decide that I want to add a perfume to my collection, I can put my scent bucks towards it.

they also have other items on the site, like candles and skincare but in general I stick to the perfumes. They have options in subscriptions. You can get two scents sent to you each month or opt into the premium category for a wider range of scents. Personally I have never had a problem with the array offered in the regular category and for me one scent per month is enough.

This is one of those subscriptions that I will keep for a while and then pause if I notice that I am starting to stockpile perfumes. Mostly that is due to samples sent in subscription boxes. I tend to add them to a box and when the box is full, I’ll pause my scent box subscription until I have cleared out the samples box. Then I start the subscription up again and the process repeats. I’ve played around with pausing and unpausing the subscription and have had no issues with either.

If you are interested in trying out this subscription and seeing if it is for you, you can get your first box for just $9.72. If you like it and keep the subscription, it will then go back to the regular price. Since perfumes can be expensive and sometimes a scent doesn’t match it’s description or simply doesn’t work for me, I find Scentbox a great way to try out different perfumes and find out if they are for me without spending a lot of money. I am often drawn in by descriptions of perfumes and sometimes the reality doesn’t live up. I also find that since it is only a small bottle, I am a bit more adventurous in my trials. Some of the scents that I might have given a pass if I just read their description on the box or on line, I am willing to try with the subscription size. Sometimes it is a failure, and sometimes I find an unexpected treasure of a scent.

Either way, this Scentbox subscription is a winner in my book.

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