Rich and Creamy Hydration with Shea Yeleen Body Cream

I have to be honest, once I saw this body cream from Shea Yeleen in my Macy’s Beauty Box, I had my fingers crossed in hopefulness. And that is due to the full name of the product. It is the Shea Yeleen Coconut Melon Rich Shea Body Cream.

While I love shea butter, the word that got me was melon. There are a lot of coconut products out there and as I am okay with coconut but don’t love coconut, the sight of the word doesn’t thrill me. I do however love melon scented body lotions. I always find the scent crisp and clean and just delightful in a boxy cream. The issue is manufacturers don’t seem to agree with me. Finding a good melon scented body lotion is really difficult. And generally when you find it, the scent is watermelon. While that is nice it will always be a summery scent to me while Melon doesn’t have that singular seasonal association for me (even if I only eat melons in the summer).

thick cream

So when this arrived I crossed my fingers and hoped that this would not only be a lovely melon scent but that the cream would be delightful as well. So I opened and tried it and now the tube is completely empty. Which as it is a sample sized tube of body cream, is not surprising. As I applied it all over after a shower, the tube had two solid post bath uses.

the scent is definitely melon. There is a back note that is less coconut and more ‘something vaguely tropical’. I was thrilled by this. I would have been fine without any coconut, but as it was mostly melon I let it go.

The description of the body cream is pretty much what you would espect.

Packed with natural, unrefined shea butter, our ultra-hydrating formula is rich in vitamins and will instantly smooth your skin, leaving it glowing. This smaller size is great for the purse or bag during travel and commutes.

Shea Yeleen

My sample sized container is 30mL and the full sized is 100 mL with a cost of $20. While the individual ingredients list is not on the product page, Shea Yeleen’s website has a page breaking down all of their ingredients and why they include them on THIS PAGE. I think except for the differing scents they simply use the same formula in each of their body creams. Which makes sense. But how is their formula?

It takes a minute to absorb in as it needs to warm up

It was an interesting formula actually. The cream itself is white and thick. when you first start to massage it into your skin it leaves white streaks and you’ll be tempted to think you applied too much. Give it a minute. With most shea butter products I find they just need a minute to warm up on the skin before they absorb. This means it may take a minute for the white streaks to absorb into the skin. For me, most of the time I use it right after my shower. The warm shower not only warmed my skin but it warmed the cream slightly so it absorbed faster when I first stepped out of the shower and used it than when I applied it to my arm for the picture. It still required a little bit of massaging into the skin for fully absorb, but the warmth helps.

Conversely if it is a really cold day, it may take a little longer to get the cream to absorb. It is definitely worth the wait though. It may take a moment or two in order to absorb, but once it does you get all day moisture. It doesn’t fade and you don’t find your self suddenly needing to apply more lotion a second time that day.

Except for the hands, but that is more the fault of the hand sanitizer than the cream. With the hand sanitizer no cream is going to be a one and done. But if you are worried about winter dry arms, elbows and knees, this cream has you covered. I may have been thrilled by the scent, but I was impressed by the longevity of the moisture this cream provided to my winter dry skin. It may be a bit much for me in the summer, but this Shea Yeleen Rich Shea Body Cream is definitely a body cream I will repurchase for winter use.

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