Treating the nails to a little NCLA So Rich Nail Oil

Normally my cuticles aren’t much of a problem for me. I’ve never really been prone to hangnails and in the winter a little extra lotion for my hands keeps everything running pretty smoothly. I do take extra care of my nails in the winter though because once summer gardening starts, even with gloves my hands take a bit of a beating. So generally I will pick up a nail oil to use in the winter time.

However the last two years haven’t been exactly normal and the introduction of multiple hand sanitizer use per day has really taken it’s toll. No matter how much lotion I apply, my hands always seem like they could use just a little bit more. And I have had more hangnails in the past year than I have had in my entire life. So I have been going through cuticle oils like crazy. It has become a nightly ritual and once I actually established it as a nightly routine, the hangnails gradually disappeared and my hands got better.

Incidentally, I know my nails look a little yellow in these photographs. If I wear nail polish consistently and don’t give them a break then they tend to turn yellow. (generally two months without a nail polish break turns them a bit yellow). So when I took of the last polish and saw the yellowing, I applied a nail growth formula to my nails. I generally let it sit for a few days then take it off and allow my nails to be natural until the yellow fades (about a week or so).

But back to the nail oil. There is a bit of variety in nail oils, predominantly in the oils chosen (and to be completely honest if I don’t have a cuticle oil handy, I will use a face oil on my nails. I find it really helps out.

The Treatment oil I have been trying out is the NCLA So Rich Treatment Oil.

Squeeze cuticle oil into dropper for enough oil to apply on one hand. Gently apply and massage drops of So Rich cuticle oil to the nails and cuticles two times a day to nourish and soften the cuticles for easy removal.


The two main oils listed are Safflower and sunflower seed oils. The scent is Birthday cake and it Little glittery stars in the oil. The stars don’t actually do anything but they are kind of pretty. They don’t stay in the oil long though and almost as soon as you finish shaking the bottle they begin a slow drift to the bottom. The scent is very much a birthday cake scent. It is that kind of vanilla frosting scent. I find it quite nice.

first applied

I really like the dropper that comes with the oil. with cuticle oils I like having either a dropper or a roller to apply it. The oils are something I apply while in bed as a general rule and I know I would eventually spill an open topped bottle. I keep the cuticle oil in my night stand and just before going to sleep I will massage it in. To be honest I do this so that I won’t just wash off the oil with another round of hand washing. Over night seems to give it the best chance to soak in.

While the NCLA So Rich Treatment oil is a good oil and if left to work will soften the cuticles. it is not a fast absorbing oil. I put a little dab on each finger and massage them in. I then wipe off my fingertips, avoiding the tops of my fingers where the oil needs to work. Generally with most nail oils, after I dap off my fingers, I can go to sleep with no issues. With the NCLA oil I have to wait before going to sleep or the oil will spot the bedding. It washes out, but I still am not fond of it. Plus it makes me wonder how much is getting on the bed and how much is staying on my fingers.

ten minutes after being massaged in

Because of this, I have started applying the nail oil earlier in the evening. I also like to read a little before falling asleep. I generally find it is a good way to quiet my brain. (I also generally go for history or other non-fiction rather than something like a murder mystery. I’m actually reading The Ugly Renaissance by Alexander Lee at the moment – highly recommend.)

I can typically keep the oil from staining the book or e-reader and by the time I am done with my nightly reading the oil has absorbed in enough not to wipe off on the sheets. While it works well and in my opinion smells nice, it does need that extra time to absorb. If you give it that time it is fine. Because of that time, and the multiple daily hand washings, I couldn’t imagine using it twice a day as is recommended. I think the during the day application would just be a waste. At night when it has a chance to settle in and stay in the skin for several hours is when you will see the best results with this oil. It is not my favorite oil, but it is a good one and to be honest I would not mind picking it up again. The NCLA So Rich Treatment Oil in the scent Birthday Cake works well, smells nice and looks nice. As long as you remember to give it time to settle in, then it is a pretty good product.

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