The Daily: February 22nd, 2022

Oh my darlings, the rains have arrived. Temperatures plummeted in the night, causing a fantastic morning migraine, but that has for the most part faded. For which I am eternally grateful. This week is going to featue rains off and on but now that the atmospheric pressure is more or less constant it is jut rain and not skull crushing headache.

I can live with the rain. In fact i rather like it. It may ruin my walks in the park due to flooding (if it weren’t for the flooding, I’d just take an umbrella. However here the floodwaters are unexpectedly deep in places and because it is flooding as part of a river system there is actually a current that is quite strong in places so it is best to leave it alone until the waters recede) but it is fantastic for my garden. The daffodils are starting to come up and we have the first few spears of tulip leaves.

We also have a rabbit nibbling the tulip leaves so when the rain stops I will be mixing up some bio friendly dish soap into some water in a spray bottle and spraying down the leaves. The rabbits don’t like the taste of soap any more than I do. It is thus far the only thing I can figure out that will keep them off of the plants. It is actually my favorite pest control tool. I picked up one of those little plastic spray bottles in Target for about a dollar and it works fantastically well. I’ve had it for a few years now so it was a good investment.

This week in addition to my usual rainy day exercises, I’m incorporating resistance bands. I did a short work out with them yesterday just to get used to them and thought ‘well this is silly’ and then this morning I am really feeling it in my upper arms. It may have felt like I wasn’t doing much but this morning the muscles in my arms beg to differ. I’ll keep trying them out and once I’ve got a feel for them I’ll review them for you. But I have been looking for something more to use to work out my arms. And this I can actually use at my desk, which is nice and lets me take a few minutes during the day to stop and do some arm work. I actually used it this morning while I was on a conference call. It was extra useful as one of the people I was talking to was actually rather annoying. It was a great way to keep from snapping at them after I explained the same thing for the fifth time.

It was a call where the answer didn’t actually change but the person I was talking to seemed to think that if they just rephrased it, they could get what they wanted. It was an excellent use of adjectives I will give them that. And the resistance band was a great way to keep from interrupting so they finally felt they asked as many ways as possible and finally had to accept the answer. I suspect my arms and shoulders will be quite sore in the morning.

But it is definitely a win for the resistance band.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Ole Henriksen’s Banana Bright Primer

Foundation: Natasha Denona Transformatte Foundation (still currently on sale for 50% off)

Bronzer: Buxom Staycation bronzer

Blush: Benefit Cosmetics Gold Rush Blush

Highlight: Wander Beauty After Hours Glow

Powder: Ciate London The Extraordinary Setting Powder

Eyeshadow: Juvia’s Place The Nubian

Mascara: Pat McGrath Labs Fetish Eyes Mascara

Lips: Uoma Lip Liner in Angelou and YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Le Nu Satin Finish (#70)

Today I wanted to try a glowy kind of primer under the transformatte foundation and to be honest I really enjoyed the depth it provided the mate foundation. I went with the banana bright a that always works so well for me when I want just a little bit of glow. If paired with an illuminating foundation it is too much for me, but paired with a matte formula the Ole Henricksen is fantastic. And it worked beautifully with the Transformatte. I have been very impressed with this foundation over all.

I wanted a slight bronze today as I was going for a more natural look to my face makeup and I really love this bronzer for that sort of application. It works well over tinted moisturizers for a really natural look or can be built up with a full coverage look. The one I have is a little light for summer time use if I am going for anything other than a natural look, but it is fantastic at this time of year.

The gold rush blush I love for just a warm glow. of the Benefit blushes it is my favorite and the one I come back to. The gold tones just work so well with my skin tone. It isn’t shimmery once you get past the initial over spray, but it does bring a warmth to the cheeks. And at this time of year I can look a but pasty, so i appreciate it.

The wanderess glow highlighter is also a fantastic product. I tried a sample and liked it enough to purchase the full size. It is one of the few silver toned highlighters that I can say that with. I tend to lean more towards the golden tones in highlighters but this one can be bright or subtle depending on how you blend it. It can lend itself to the stripe of silver if that’s your thing, but I love blending it in to a soft glow. I really need to remember to reach for this more often. I know I say that a lot, but rarely with highlighters.

The Nubian by Juvia’s Place returned as I am still testing it out. It is a really good shadow formula and I love the everyday colors. The slight variations in color mean that most looks I get out of the palette have a very similar feel to them, but the formula of the shadows is really nice.

The fetisheyes mascara is also nice. It looks good and I have enjoyed using it. The mascara is reaching the end of it’s life though and has only a few uses left (so you may see it repeat for a week or so). while it is good, it isn’t better than some of the drug store formulas I’ve tried out. So for me, while nice, it isn’t worth the price. I will finish out the tube and then let it go. if it comes my way again I will use it, but I will not be repurchasing it.

Which leads us to the lips. The Uoma lip liner is a little dark and while not as drying as many lip liners, could still do with a lipstick. The YSL lipstick is a little too light, so I put them together. while I like the combination, The YSL lipstick has a bit of a perfume scent and taste to it that I don’t actually care for. while it looks great and has a fantastically moisturizing feel, that perfume taste kills me. The picture was taken after first application and I let the lipstick wear off without reapplying because I just couldn’t take the taste. So right now the Uma is standing alone.

So that my darlings is todays look. And now it is back to work for me. The rain may be shushing down but the paperwork remains. Such is life. But it was nice taking a little break with you.

Wander Beauty

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