Trying out the Kinship Supermelt Vegan Lip Jelly Mask

I am a huge fan of lip masks. My long term favorite one has been the Agave Lip mask from Bite beauty, and recently I have been using and testing the Laneige Overnight lip mask. I have tried many others over the years, some good, some not so good. This Kinship Supermelt Vegan Lip Jelly Mask came in my recent IPSY box and I have been keeping it on my desk ever since.

It has been an interesting mask. First let’s talk about the packaging. I know, packaging isn’t everything, however sometimes packaging can really aid in use of the product and honestly, that is what the Kinship packaging does. The mask is in a plastic tube and I assumed that when I opened the lid I would find just a have plastic tip or even just an open ended tube.

Instead when I opened the tube there is a soft rubberized tip that bends and flexes with the application of the product. While it is soft against the lips and it is a great applicator in general, it is also easy to wipe down and clean. For a lip mask this is actually quite an important thing. Lip masks can get their tips gunked up pretty quickly so it is really nice to be able to clean that off easily.

But as nice as the applicator is, the product inside that matters. The mask applies smoothly. I expected a slightly looser consistency as it is a jelly mask, but it has the same consistency as a really good lip balm. The scent, because you know I have to describe the scent, is predominantly vanilla -esque. However there is a slightly castor oil under tone. Castor oil is one of the ingredients in the mask so it isn’t surprising that it is there. It is surprising to smell the vanilla followed by the castor oil back note. The Caster oil is not terribly strong scent wise. And once I identified it, I was fine with it. I could dismiss it and focus on the vanilla scent.

The Kinship lip mask is a bit more like a heavy lip balm. It does not have the heft of the Laniege Over Night Lip mask or the Bite Beauty Agave Lip mask. It is a lighter lip mask. If you apply it then wait without drinking or eating anything, and then it will last on your lips for about 45 minutes. After that there is little remaining on your lips, but you still feel the effects of the moisturizing elements on your lips even if the lip mask is gone.

For me, the packaging actually makes me like this mask more. I think I would just think it was an average lip mask. For the Kinship Supermelt Vegan lip mask it is actually the packaging that puts it over the edge. It turns this mask into one that I will use, use up and let go, to one that I will actually consider repurchasing.

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