Squeaking in at the end of the month, is the February 2022 Glossy Box Unboxing

This month was interesting with Glossy Box. On February second I received an e-mail with a tracking number attached. I waited 48 hours and then checked it. FedEx had not yet received the package. This continued for about two weeks so I contacted Glossy Box. It turned out that my box never made it to Fed Ex. They apologized and sent out a new one. I have to say the Glossy Box customer service team was fantastically easy to work with. Good customer service makes me like a subscription just that much more.

So even though it is the last day of February, my Glossy box it here and I am going to unbox it. I apologize that this box is not available any more but you can try your first box for $16 with the code TREAT16. They slimmed down the brochure this month so there are no spoilers for March in the pamphlet, but I’m sure they will be posted on the site soon enough as it is the end of February. So now that the box is finally here, shall we see what is in my Timeless treat’s box?

First up is a shampoo and conditioner set from Natura. It is the Ekos Murumuru restoring shampoo and conditioner. I love when shampoo and conditioners are sent together in a subscription. It makes it a lot easier to determine if you enjoy the set. We’ve had a different shampoo and conditioner set for Natura in either Glossy Box or Look Fantastic. I remember the bottle more than anything. The product was fantastic but I remember the shape of the bottle being somewhat problematic for getting all of the product out. Still it was a very good shampoo and conditioner so I a happy to have another type of product from the brand.

Actually i was thinking about shampoo and conditioner the other day. Aside from this set I just received, I have one shampoo, one conditioner and a shampoo bar that I have been testing. I’m actually testing the shampoo and conditioner now, which will just leave the shampoo bar and this new set. Which means I actually get to purchase some shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been finishing out the Native Candy Cane Peppermint and clearing out the samples but next week I’ll actually have to pick up some full sized shampoo and conditioner. Which is kind of nice. But not the point of this post.

So getting back on track, this month there was an NCLA nail polish in my box. In keeping with the black and white theme you could either receive a black or a shite nail polish. I received the black one and I’m pretty happy about it. I remember a time when I had only black, maroon and deep purple nail polish in my collection. I was almost surprised to look my nail polish over and find I had no black in there any more. Oh how times have changed. I have several NCLA polishes though. In general they are good nail polishes, but you have to remember to add a top coat or they will chip pretty fast.

The KAB Cosmetics lipstick I was a little less thrilled by. Don’t get me wrong I love lipsticks and KAB does have a pretty good formula. the problem is the shade. This is just a shade of pink I simply won’t wear. The formula is moisturizing and it smells of vanilla. But since I know I am not going to ear this shade, I am not going to swatch it. I am just going to pass it on to someone who can wear this shade.

I am super thrilled by the Verso Nourishing Cream (#3). I’ve received Verso in a lot of subscription boxes and it is always the eye cream. I am not complaining as it is one of my favorite eye creams and I will use every drop in every tube that comes my way. However I realized when i saw this that i hadn’t tried any other Verso Product. At least not that I recall. I am currently working through several sample sized moisturizers so I will be adding this to the pile and looking forward to giving it a go. If it lives up to the eye cream I will be absolutely thrilled.

The next item in the box this month is the Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion. It actually made me realize that Spring is truly on the way, even though our local temperatures have once again plummeted. While I normally think of gradual tanning products a little later in the year, I think it might be a good idea to actually get ahead of it. There is always that point in the spring where I find myself able to wear a dress for the first time in a while and suddenly discover that my legs are far whiter than my arms so I feel as though I am mismatched. It doesn’t bother anyone bit me, especially since ever one else is usually in the same boat at that time, but it bothers me. So perhaps I’ll give this a go in anticipation of the first dress of spring and possibly not have fish belly white legs for the Easter pictures this year.

And finally this month Glossy Box added a little extra treat to the box. Personally I was amused to find it is the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye masks. In February i started testing out the various single eye masks I had floating around and I had several from Rodial, one that I recently reviewed. For me Rodial is is very good with serums and lotions and moisturizers. Their Sculpting Gel is a top ten product for me and I snap it up in any size I find it. I think I have two deluxe samples in my skincare samples drawer. The brand does really well with those sorts of things. The paper they use for their sheet masks and eye masks is a bit too stiff and is just honestly not the best. But the serum in these masks is top notch. So I know I will use these eye masks, love the serum and complain about the paper in them. i will use them and I think it is a lovely treat to include. I just wish Rodial would start making a different paper selection for it’s sheet and eye masks.

Over all this was a pretty good box. I like the nail polish and wish the lipstick was in a shade I prefer. I am thrilled by the Verso and looking forward to testing out the Natura and the Vita Liberata. And given that I really like the serum, I’m pretty happy with the Rodial as well. Best of all, I am very glad that my February Glossy box finally made it onto the delivery van.

Verso Skincare - available at Alyaka.com

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