A shower for me with Lavender Tea

I’ve been trying this Lavender Tea Body Wash from Bubble T for a while now and I have to say it has been an interesting experience. Generally when i use a body wash I have some pretty right off the bat feelings about them. Scent is always a big thing. Degree of clean I get from the product. I evaluate how moisturized or even stripped my skin feels depending on the product. While how my skin feels can vary from first wash to fifth or beyond, I tend to use bath products a little longer to get the feel of them.

Sometimes I can use a moisturizing product and feel fantastic only to realize by the second wash that my skin was just dehydrated and needed that extra shot of moisture even if it didn’t feel as fabulous in future washes. As a result I tend to vary my post shower moisturizers as well. I’ll take a few days and skip my normal post shower body lotion for a few days and then I will make certain to use my body lotion after every bath. This way I can evaluate how much moisture I am getting from the body wash and if it is indeed stripping my skin.

I am used to Bubble t’s bath salts and bath bombs both of which I enjoy, but I wouldn’t qualify as favorites. I will say the Rhubarb Custard bath bomb from Bubble t smelled delightful, but didn’t have the skin care benefits of a Zents Bath truffle. Likewise their bath salts were nice, but I prefer Kniepps. They fall into that nice while they are here and I will purchase again, but aren’t my absolute favorites category.

The body wash I am even more ambivalent about. According to the website…

Let the feeling of this Lavender body wash hydrate and moisturise your skin. Each body wash contains calming citrus Lavender and tea extract to aid relaxation.

All of our Vegan body washes gently cleanse without removing the natural protective oils on the skin. With added Aloe vera extracts to gently cleanse and moisturise, this uplifting shower gel will leave a sweet scent on the skin for all-day freshness.

Bubble t

The body wash is a lovely purple color that reminds me more of a mad scientist’s lab than a lavender field. Which I’m not mad at. I find the purple goo somewhat appealing. The scent when it first comes out of the bottle is as though You are sitting at one end of a room, someone is pouring a cup of black tea into a cup across the room while there is a lavender scented air freshener at the midpoint in the room. The scent of faux lavender, maybe with a hint of citrus and a back note of black tea is not terrible strong.

The purple sort of darkened the exfoliating round a bit

It is certainly present when you dispense it and it gets a little stronger as you work the gel into a lather. It is a pleasant scent. The gel foams nicely. It rinses off cleanly as well. There is no left behind residue.

There is also no scent left behind. Which isn’t a bad thing, it just doesn’t leave a scent behind on the skin. It also doesn’t strip the skin or leave any moisturizing elements behind either. The clean isn’t a ‘wow I feel clean,’ feeling. It is more of a ‘well, I’m not dirty’ sort of clean. Just as the moisturizing element is a ‘well my skin isn’t dry and stripped’ sort of thing rather than being moisturized.

This body wash is kind of the base definition of a body wash. It will get you clean and it won’t strip your skin. I think this is why I have put off reviewing this Lavender Tea Body wash for so long. It is not a bad product, but to be honest, it is not something I will remember once the tube is empty. If I think about it at all it will be to think about the purple goo color and how it resembled some sort of evil potion in a mad scientist’s lab. Everything else about it is pretty forgettable.

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