All that glitters…

As many of you may recall I am slowly working my way through my individual packets of eye masks to see which ones are worth ordering in packs as I prep for allergy season and the near constant need to depuff my eyes, and which ones I just want to let go.

I know I have been posting these on Tuesdays, but my babydoll had dental surgery yesterday and while he came through it well, things went a bit awry. So there was no chance of masking, or much else yesterday. So, wednesday.


Today’s eyemask trial is the Starskin VIP The Gold Mask Revitalizing Luxury Gold Foil Eye masks. A five pack of these eye masks retails for $30.40. Other places had them for slightly more. Oddly I couldn’t find them listed on a Star Skin Site.

the masks

Right out of the package these masks look exactly like the Wander Beauty Gold baggage claim masks (link to full review). They even have the same internal packaging of two plastic disks held together by serum. The paper feels more or less the same. The Starskin ones may be a hair thinner.


The big difference though is the scent. The Starskin eye masks and a powerful perfume scent. It is not a skincare or a spa floral, it is straight up perfume floral when they come out of the packaging. The scent dims after a moment, but it was enough to get my nose running.


I put the masks in place. Because they look so similar to the Wander Beauty ones, I couldn’t help but compare them. They were both loaded down with serum so the paper adheres well to the skin. While the Wander beauty tops eventually dried out on top while the serum stayed underneath, the Star skin ones dried out just a little bit more quickly and there was less moisture remaining underneath.

There was also less of the cooling effect than I have with, not only the Wander Beauty, but most other eye masks. I didn’t feel the cooling as the masks sat. I did feel a little bit of a cooling sensation after peeling them off but that was mostly the cool air on my damp skin. In addition the area where the mask was felt a little on the sticky side. After removing the eye masks i felt compelled to rinse off my skin. A splash of water was all that was needed, not a full face wash, but it doesn’t really speak well for the serum.

There was a little bit of puffiness reduction but over all, I did not really enjoy this set of eye masks. I think that The Star Skin VIP is not for me. I do have another Star Skin mask in this set to try out and hopefully I will enjoy the serum a bit more. But for me, this is definitely not a repurchase and to be honest if another set comes my way, I will add it into the pile of items to pass along to someone else.

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