Perfume Review: Summer Daze Limited Edition from Calvin Klein’s Eternity Line

This perfume was sent to be by Influenster for the purpose of review all thoughts and opinions on the product are my own. According to Influenster this is a limited Edition Scent by Calvin Klein. I don’t know if it is actually available yet as I could not find a direct link to this specific scent anywhere. Given the name I suspect that it will be released for the upcoming season, but that is only a guess. This Link will take you to the general Calvin Klein Perfume page where hopefully at some point there ill be more official information listed.

Because I couldn’t find any description of the scent, we are left with just my impressions. There are no carefully worded descriptions intending to whisk you off to a life more glamorous with simply a spritz from the bottle. While I am perfectly capable of making my mind up without these descriptions, I do miss them. Maybe it is the writer in me. At some point I am just going to take one of the perfume ads and use the description as a story starter.

Somehow I feel confident that it will end up being a murder mystery.

But for now there was no description that I could find. Summer Daze from Calvin Klein comes in a slim and lovely squared off glass bottle. Personally I like the look of the delicate peach liquid in the clear glass topped by the silver. the design is almost architectural. I’m not entirely sure how that goes with the Summer Daze name, but I like the look of it.

when I sprayed it, at first I thought I wasn’t going to like it. This is a scent that comes out of the bottle like an enraged bull charging a matador. It is not subtle and one spritz made me think I was going to spend the rest of the day engulfed in a scent of cloud that people could smell coming around the corner.

This intensity, thankfully, doesn’t last. After about ten to fifteen minutes the scent quieted down. It pulled in closer to the skin and stopped trying to announce it’s presence to the world. Half an hour in and someone would have to invade my personal space if they wanted a whiff of my cologne.

I thought this meant that it was going to fade away to nothing, however once it reached that personal stage of scent saturation, it stopped fading. I had about five hours of scent, noticeable to me without pressing my wrist to my nose. After about hour five, the scent started noticeably fading.

But what is this scent. It is a light floral with somewhat fruity notes. I would guess that the florals probably lean more towards Jasmine and with the fruits I would guess some blend of mandarin, apricot and possibly peach. The scent is not overly sweet. In fact there is very little sweetness in it. Sometimes when scents lean into the fruity aspects they can get a bit cloying. This is balanced by some sort of earthy note that I just cant’ name. It is there more to tame the other elements than to be a scent in and of itself.

I would say that this is an adult scent but not an overly mature scent. If I had to pick a woman to wear this I would say she is in her thirties. The scent is something i could see being worn in the day time and edging into the evening. It is not an overly sensual scent. It is fun without being to little girlish. Like the name implies, I think it is more seasonal than divided by time of day. You could wear it all day, but I think it is a scent that leanse into the warmer months of the year. Appropriate for something called Summer Daze.

Honestly I quite enjoyed it and I am very glad that Influenster sent this Calvin Klein Summer Daze to me to review. I think I will get a lot of use out of this scent as the temperatures rise and the winter fades. I am pleased to have it in my collection.

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