The Skincare Line Up: March 4th, 2022

This is the last week that I will have only one routine. As products start to roll off of the line up this week, there will be more separation from night and day. This week however, the makeup remover nd the lip mask were the only real night time only elements. In fact there was little change from last week. But let’s get into it.

Cleanser: Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser from Missha (20% off with code FEB20)

Makeup Remover: Vike Makeup Melt Paired with a Makeup Eraser

Essence: 111Skin Antioxidant Energizing Essence

Toner: Buttah AHA/BHA Rosewater toner

Serum: Grace and Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Facial Oil: Byroe Fig Renewal oil

Eye Cream: MZ Skin Sooth and Smooth eye cream

Moisturizer: Hey Honey Relax Propolis and Honey Soothing Moisturizer and Hey Honey Boost it Up Honey Rich Moisturizer

Lips: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in berry

Okay, let’s start at the top. The more I use this Missha cleanser the more I like it. I love that the mask consistency clearly shows where the cleanser has been so there is no guessing about missing sections of the face. You know exactly where the cleanser is. This afternoon i am going to try it out as a face mask to test out that aspect but in all honesty if it is a good mask that would just be a nice bonus. It is a great cleanser and I will happily use it as a cleanser.

The Vike Makeup remover is interesting. While I like it and it does work as well as it did when I did my full review, I have noticed that because the mist is so fine I tend to go overboard with the spraying. I think I am actually using more of the product than I need as a result. It hasn’t caused any problems, and it works just as well, I just suspect that because of the spray, I will end up going through the product pretty fast. Which means if I continued using it I might have to purchase it more often than I would a balm. It is entirely my own fault and I do realize I am doing it, I’m just not always that successful in reminding myself to stop.

The 111Skin Essence is fantastic. I really like it. It has a very spa like scent that makes me feel a bit fancier than I actually am, which I don’t mind. I’ve used my skincare with the essence and without and I can defiantly notice the essence giving a little bit of a hand to the other products. Its a bit like a turbo boost for the other skincare.

I am less impressed with the Buttah skin toner. It works as well as any other toner and despite the name doesn’t really have a rosewater scent to it, but there is a bit of a stickiness left behind (and yes I use it before the essence, I just listed it after for some reason). The sample is half way through and I will use the last of the sample, but I don’t see myself picking up a full sized version.

I do see myself picking up a full size of the Grace and Stella HA Serum. This sample has been fantastic. My skin feels nice and I think there is a small reduction in my fine lines. For a while it seemed like the serum sample would last forever but alas I may be able to squeak through another couple of days with it before the bottle is empty. Rest assured though the full sized bottle is definitely on my list to purchase for a full out trial.

The Byroe Fig oil is interesting. I am using it around the lines around my mouth. I love that the dry oil absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy film and smells like figs. I like figs. there is a little bit of improvement in the fine lines but I think I will need to continue to see. As I don’t often use facial oils and frequently receive them in subscription boxes it is nice to have a designated place to use them, so I am really hoping the addition of a facial oil on these lines helps.

The MZ eye cream also seems to be doing well. It is too early to tell actual results but thus far it is fast absorbing and not clogging the pores around my eyes. I will continue using it and see if some of my fine lines plump up and become less noticeable.

While there are two moisturizers listed, they are both samples. Last week I tried the Hey Honey Relax sample that I had to see how I liked it. I had a few days of product left at the end of the week so I finished out the sample and rolled in the second Hey Honey moisturizer sample I had. I wanted to try them out closer to one another to see how they performed and which one I liked more. The Relax moisturizer had a very distinctive honey scent to it. Not surprising given it’s full name. the scent was like honey mixed with skin care so it didn’t smell sweet and cloying. Just sort of like honey mixed with cream. I really enjoyed the scent and it was a fantastic day cream. It is the sort of moisturizer where I could see rolling in a night mask twice a week for an extra moisture kick. If I did that I think i would be perfectly happy with the Relax.

The Boost it up on the other hand does not have that Honey scent. Honestly it’s scent is as though you stored the Grace and Stella HA serum mixed with cream in the same cupboard with a honey jar for a week. there is a slight whiff of honey in the background but it is mostly a light moisturizer that has that slight HA scent to it. Although I don’t know if hyaluronic acid actually has a scent but it seems like the scent most HA infused products end up having. It is also slightly more moisturizing than the Relax. I don’t think it is overly moisturizing for me. For my skin at the time of year it seems to be balanced. I don’t need any kind of night mask paired with it, but I also don’t feel greasy. While I liked the Relax as a Day cream, this Is just a really good all round moisturizer. Or it is thus far. This sample tube is larger than the Relax so there is the possibility it will last through most of the coming week. Even if I have to roll in another product when the sample is done, I will add my final thoughts on the sample, but for the few days I have used it thus far, this seems like a good moisturizer for me. I think that of the two, unless something happens this week, I would try the Boost it up in a full size before I went for the Relax. I still like the Relax, I just like this one a little bit better.

and finally we end with the Laneige lip sleeping mask. It is berry, it is overnight moisturizing and my lips love it. I do need to pick up a lip scrub to pair with it, especially going into spring, but for now it is chugging along fabulously. I will say that this is one of those products where the mini sampler packs are quite appealing. I like the berry and I appreciate the value in having a product that will last a long time. But with the mini containers I could rotate scents a little more instead of always using the berry. I think when this full size runs out I will go for the mini kits so that I can switch and swap scents. But otherwise, I like the lip mask.

Over all this week was pretty good. Which isn’t surprising since there were a lot of steady on products. I will be bringing in a new serum and I might actually split them between day and night time use as I start to separate back into day and night time use. Also I have couple of night time moisturizing products I might start using so there might be a wider gap between night and day soon. For now, this was my line up. My skin did pretty well this week and I am a happy camper. So now we dive into Friday. I hope yours is a fabulous one.

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