First Use Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate

Embryolisse recently sent three of their products for me to try out and review. They are the Lait-Creme Concentrate (which is the main point of this post), the Lait-Creme Fluid and the Lait Creme Sensitive. I chose the Concentre to try first because I believe it is the most hydrating of the three and this is the time of year when my skin is the most dry.

the three product sent

Some of you may look at the name and not recognize it, some of you probably do. And to be honest, I recognize both the bottle and the scent and tend to forget the name. And I think that is because this cream has been around my world (and the world at large) for a long time.

This moisturizer was originally created in the 1950s. According to their website…

In 1950, a dermatologist specialized in skin pathologies created the Lait-Crème Concentré. The skincare quickly became a make-up artists’ favorite after Dr. Aron-Brunetiere, head of the Dermatology Department of the Rothschild Foundation, prescribed the LCC to the Barons de Rothschild and the stars of the time, who spoke to their make-up artists about it. Since then, the popularity of the cream naturally spread in the pro community through word of mouth.

The Lait Crème Concentré has been used and recommended by professional make-up artists, actresses and top models for decades. They swear by this multi-functional product to take care of their fragile skin and keep it beautiful. Its winning formula includes a blend of essential ingredients from natural origin. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it delivers nutrients to the skin, retains moisture and protects it from external aggressions. Well-moisturized, nourished skin regains comfort and balance, making it the ideal make-up base.


This is actually the moisturizer that my mother and grandmother both used when I was a child. For me it is the scent of bedtime kisses’ and story time before sleep. So my scent descriptions are a bit more nostalgic when i think about it, but i will try. It is a lightly floral scent. It is a creamy moisturizer scent that smells a little like aloe and a little bit like shea butter. Honestly the first thought that comes to mind when I smell it is ‘Mom’s night cream’. As I know none of you grew up in my household I apologize but it is just a really strong scent memory for me.


It is also the first moisturizer I ever used. Like, ever ever. It has however been a really long time since I picked up a bottle. And while the scent memory remains, the details of the creme have long since faded.

For this first use I used it not only as a day cream but as a night cream so technically it is two uses. The Lait Creme Concentre comes in a metal tube. The top of the screw on cap has a point used to puncture the safety seal in the top of the tube. I really like this. First off it lets me know the tube is sealed. Secondly Even though I know I should open new products before i start applying my skincare, sometimes (most times actually) I forget and then have to pull off those tiny little metal seals with wet or greasy fingers. Usually I end up punching through them with a set of tweezers. This type of seal is ideal for me so I was happy. I knw the cream was sealed and I could get into it.


I also really like the metal tubes as I can flatten them like a toothpaste tube as I use them and know exactly how much product is left.

It is a bit too easy to squeeze out more than you intend. So go cautiously at first. The cream is a thinner cream, not quite a water cream but not as thick as a heavy white moisturizer. It is a formula that needs to warm up to your skin in order to absorb. I think it is the addition of the shea butter actually. If you dispense the product and put it cold on your skin it will leave a white cast until it warms up and absorbs in. It takes very little time, just a few circles of the hand and the white fades. I tend to dispense into the palm rub the hands together to warm it and then apply my hands and the cream to my face. The white is not an issue and the cream absorbs faster.

applied without warming first

This was especially useful this morning. I used less product in the morning than I did in the evening, about half actually. which is something I will need to remember as i continue. As you may recall I apply my morning skincare before coffee and I am not at my brightest before my coffee.

literally two swipes of the hand and less than ten seconds later, the creame is absorbed

This first use turned out really well. My skin absorbed the Lait Creme Concentrate from Embryolisse well and I really like the feel of my skin. It seems well moisturized, but not overly so. I am looking forward to giving this moisturizer a good trial over the next month asn then comparing it to the other two moisturizers in the Lait Creme Line. Overall, Embryolisse is off to a really good start. This is going to be a fun (and quite nostalgic) skin care trial. But don’t worry, it will be the product and not the nostalgia that makes the review.

Lait-Crème Concentré

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