The Skincare Line Up: March 11th, 2022

It is time now for my favorite post of the week…SKINCARE! I know, I get obnoxious with it, but I just love talking about skincare. And I try to confine as much of it as I can so that i don’t drive the people around me bonkers. Admittedly my babydoll calls my love of skincare a latent mad scientist gene, but there are worse things I suppose. Growing up though the only makeup or skin care he ever saw was at his grandmother’s. His mother’s space was strictly off limits to him and his brothers. So he refers to al skin care products as Cold Cream. But that is another story.

I planned to start seperating my skin care into day time and night time use but that didn’t quite happen. I had a little left of my Grace and Stella serum so I shifted it to night time use and brought in a serum sample to use in the day time figuring I would allow my skin to get used to the new serum in the day before rolling in a new one at night. There wasn’t all that much serum in the sample so it ran out pretty much the same fay the Grace and Stella ran out and so I picked out the Nue Co’s The Pill All in One serum to replace it. I’ll get into details below, but that is why there are three serums listed and why I went with One list instead of breaking it down for the day and night this week. So….

Cleanser: Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser from Missha (20% off with code FEB20)

Makeup Remover: Vike Makeup Melt Paired with a Makeup Eraser

Essence: 111Skin Antioxidant Energizing Essence

Toner: Buttah AHA/BHA Rosewater toner

Serum: Grace and Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Codex Antu Brightening serum and The Nue Co’s The Pill

Facial Oil: Byroe Fig Renewal oil

Eye Cream: MZ Skin Sooth and Smooth eye cream

Moisturizer: Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

Lips: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in berry

Okay starting with the cleanser, it is fabulous. My plan last week was to try out the masking function of this cleanser, but thee were technical difficulties (with the site not the cleanser). I will be trying it out this afternoon to see how it performs as a mask. As a cleanser though it is top rate.I am really enjoying it. I think my skin just really reacts well to Artemisia (mugwort) which I found out using the essence this summer but it turns out it works well for me as a cleanser. the weather yo-yoed this week and I was stuffy, The cleanser actually soothed my skin and my eyes were not as puffy as usual. (I also extended my cleansing time so I might technically have partially used it as a mask in my cleansing routine because letting the cleanser sit on my skin really helped with the allergy depuff., But I will officially try it as a mask later today.

The Vike is good as a makeup remover. I just need to hold my breath when I spray so I don’t inhale, don’t lick my lips until after I’ve washed my face and remember not to overdo the spray. And the longer it sits on the skin the more it does take off. I think I still prefer cleansing balms, but for a quick and easy application this is a good product.

The buttah toner is almost completely empty. I will use what is left either tonight or tomorrow morning and the container will be empty. It is a nice product, but it isn’t noticeably fabulous. I would use it again if it happened to show up at my house via subscription box, but i wouldn’t go out and purchase it on my own. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it simply isn’t a stand out.

The MZ sooth and Smooth is stating to show some improvement in my fine lines. It is still early days yet. It has been less than a month which is generally the minimum a product takes to show effectiveness. It is a god sized jar for an eye cream so it will last more than a month, which is god because it is a rather expensive eye cream. I’d hate for something that pricy to show no results and run out in a month. But I think I am starting to see results and it will last longer than a month so we are at so far so good.

I like putting the Byroe oil on the fine lines around my mouth. I think it is helping the fine lines, but I know it is also helping with some of the chapping around my mouth as well. i know it is sily, but I tend to remember to put on lip masks, but i tend to apply them Like I apply lipstick and follow the contuurs of my lips. So my lips will get some hydrating love but the edges of my lips will still get dry and sore. I know I should just apply my lip mask in a wider area but when I do, I ten find myself wiping off the excess with my finger. So the oil helps. So does the Laneige, which I love.

The serums are actually a quick run down despite there being three of them. The Grace and Stella finished out and I miss it already. It is a great fast absorbing Hyaluronic Acid based serum and my skin loved it. It is on the to buy list for certain. The Codex serum seemed nice but there really wasn’t enough product in the container for me to say anything other than, this didn’t irritate my skin and the scent was vaguely lemony in a non industrial cleaner kind of way. It was actually a nice light fresh lemon scent. I didn’t really get much of a feel for the product but I wouldn’t mind trying it out in a larger size at some point.

As for the Nue. It is a light weight cream that has no real scent to it. I like the dark bottle and the pump. It takes a minute to absorb into the skin, and it is slightly sticky to the touch. beyond that I haven’t used it enough yet to really determine how I feel about it.

And then we come to the moisturizer. This Lait-Creme Concentre was sent to me by the brand for the purpose of review. I posted a first use post on Monday and I will use this for the next thirty days. Embryolisse sent two other moisturizers from the line so I will be testing them out and comparing them to this once i am finished. The link in this paragraph will take you to my first use post. Thus far I am liking the moisturizer. I think this is the most moisturizing of the line, which is why I am using it now when my skin is still winter dry. I have found I need about half of the product in the morning that I do at night. I suspect that when the weather warms up, this might end up being more of a night cream than a day one for my skin type. However right now that level of moisture is perfect for me.

This is the type of cream that needs to warm up before it absorbs. I put it in my hand, rub my hands together and then put it on my face. With that I avoid the temporary white cast and it absorbs faster. What i have found is that it does need a minute to settle in. when I first applied it, my skin looked a little shiny and greasy. Then I went, put on the coffee pot and walked back to my bathroom and the shiny/greasiness had gone and my skin absorbed the moisturizer. the same thing happened at night, minus the coffee. It just takes a minute to settle in and all is well. I am also finding that I like the scent more as I use it. This is a face cream scented face cream. The scent is very nostalgic for me as my mom and grandmother both used this moisturizer when I was little. So the scent is, for me, the scent of face cream. I kinda dig it actually.

And with that we set off into another week of skincare. As the Nue Co settles in I’ll see about splitting the night from the day, once I decide if the Nue Co is a day or night time product. If it is then I have a couple of vitamin c serums I might use for the night time. They tend to make me a little sun sensitive so i like using them at night. of course at the moment it is storming enough to make me think Ark building might be something I should look into so the sun is less of a worry than usual. Still, it never hurts to be careful.

And that is the weekly line up. I’ll be back this afternoon with my Friday Face mask. Until then, I hope you have a fabulous Friday.

Lait-Crème Concentré

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