Weekly Weight: 212.0

I never like reporting a weight gain. It makes me feel like I failed, even though I know I did everything I could. I stayed on top of my fitness this week. It rained a lot so I was doing more indoor work, but i think I was still doing well on calories. The food this week is still a little bit wonky because my babydoll is still recovering from dental surgery so things need to be shifted for him and since I am generally cooking one meal for both of us then my food gets shifted as well.

That should be back to normal next week though.

I think what might have got me (and the reason I am not panicking about the weight gain) is because dinner last night was at 10 pm. Generally we eat around 6:30. I don’t like to eat after 7 pm as I really don’t sleep well with a full belly. I think my body can sleep or it can digest, but it has issues doing both at the same time. Given that I ate so late last night, I think that my weight might have been thrown off a little.

I know it sounds like a justification or an excuse, and it is, but it is also why I am not worried. I didn’t go crazy this week. I hit my workouts and ate reasonable portion sizes. I know that the food will balance back out in this coming week and I am confident this increase is temporary. it’s only when I don’t know why things are happening that I start to worry. This is explainable. If I go up again next week despite hitting my planned workouts and getting my food back to normal, then I will worry.

I also now have a reminder of why I don’t eat that late at night. I know it makes me sound a bit like an old fogey but I’m not ready for the early bird special yet. And honestly, I have never been able to eat late at night. My relationship with sleep has always been a delicate dance. eating late is like having an elephant try to rhumba through a waltz.

The stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 211.2 lbs

This week’s Weight: 212.0 lbs

Change this week: +0.8 lbs

Lost this far: 34 lbs

So there we have it. It is never fun to record a gain, but sometimes life, and a delayed dinner, happen. All I can do is not let it get me down and keep moving forward. As long as I never quit, I am still winning. Even when it doesn’t feel that way. I will say though. Tonight dinner will be early and I am going to take my HUM sleep gummies to help ensure my bran quiets down enough for sleep. At the moment that is the bigger concern. My body my not like digesting and sleeping at the same time but what little sleep I got with a full belly wasn’t good. So early dinner, a little sleep insurance via HUM and with luck feeling right as rain on Saturday. For now though, it is time to tackle Friday.

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