Hippity Hoppity…Easter’s on it’s way…Or at least the shopping is.

The Dress Arrives!

Even though snow is coating the ground, Easter is coming. And this year it is going to be a big one for the family. The first together in a while and three christenings on top. So I have begun to gather the ensemble. The first item on the list, the dress.

This dress was gifted to me by Ever Pretty. If you’ve heard of them, then you are probably thinking wedding or bridesmaids dresses. That was actually how I heard of them. A friend of mine outfitted her bridesmaids from their site because they had really good prices, good quality items and a wide array of sizes. In addition, everyone lived in different areas which made it difficult to get together for dress shopping (especially these days) so the on line site was perfect and everyone looked stunning at the wedding.

Actually they have a sale going on right now If you by four or more bridesmaids dresses you get 20% off with the code BRIDE20. So if you are outfitting a wedding party, now might be a good time to pop over to Ever Pretty.

I love my babydoll, but he is the worst when it comes to taking pictures, this was actually the best one he took of a full length As the outfit comes together I’ll get better ones.

They have bridesmaid dresses’, wedding dresses, prom dresses as well as general evening gowns. Their dresses range from the simply elegant minimalist designs to the more lacy and sequined creations. So there is a lot to choose from. The prices are also really good. They specialize in both beautiful and affordable dresses. The dress in these photos comes from their Mother of the Bride line. For me it is perfect for this Easter.

sleeve detail

I don’t know about where you live but Easter always seems to be the time when Winter decides it isn’t done quite yet. And after a childhood of shivering in Easter dresses made of thin material and knee length skirts I go for longer dresses. I also look better in darker colors. Easter Pastel dresses’ can make me look a little jaundiced. This deep blue is perfect for me. And I love that the color is so saturated. So this was perfect for me. The dress also sets the foundation for everything else. Jewelry, shoes, handbags, hair and even body shapers underneath will be determined now that the dress is here.

zipper with toggle

When I ordered the dress from Ever Pretty, I chose the size and used the chart they provided. The sizes vary from dress to dress though so you need to look at the specific sizing chart for the dress you are looking at purchasing. I really like this actually. Sometimes the cut of a dress simply means that the fit of the dress will change. I really like that Ever Pretty Takes this into account when making their individual sizing charts. It makes me more confident when ordering.

For me, the fit through the bodice was spot on and the length of the skirt is perfect for me to wear with heels. Which means I need to do no hemming, which is fantastic. The cuffs are slightly large around my wrists, but I find that with almost any lantern sleeve. I absolutely love lantern sleeves. They are one of my preferred sleeves and actually I plan on tightening them up by using a set of my Dad’s cufflinks. When he died his collection of cuff links were parceled out and they are worn for special events, so I’m actually kind of pleased by the excuse to use them to slightly tighten the sleeves.

bodice lining

And actually with that slight exception of the easily adjustable cuffs, everything matched the specific size chart for the dress and the colors were exactly as they appear on the website. I have no complaints in that regard.

The details on the sleeves are lovely. The inside is a net sheath for the arm, with the outer sleeve sliced open to reveal the inner sleeve. The stitching is really well done and the detail really makes the dress. I also love the wider neckline. It is open and will give me a chance to show off whatever necklace I decide to pair with the dress, but it doesn’t dip too low. It has a really nice curve without displaying my cleavage.

front applique

Every part of this dress is well thought out. The zipper in the back slides easily and the stitching around it is done so that the material will not get caught in the zipper, which is nice. The material does have some stretch in it so there is a bit of flexibility to the fit and the bodice has an interior lining. I will be getting a body shaper to wear under it so the lines will look a little smoother, but I wanted to try on the dress before I decided what sort of shaper to pick up.

This dress from Ever Pretty is the perfect dress for me to wear for the upcoming Easter events. The material is of good quality and thick enough to protect me from shivering should the weather take a chilly turn and light enough that should it be warm, I won’t sweat. The length and sizing were exactly what was listed on the site and the time from order to delivery was only two weeks. The next time I need a dress for an event, I am going right back to the Ever Pretty site. They have a wide array of sizes and styles and I know that if my measurements fit the sixing chart than the dress will fit me. And that is always a huge relief when buying clothing on line. But for now, I have my Easter dress and need to figure out the rest of the items to go with it. It’s been quite a while since I assembled a special event’s outfit and it is ridiculous how excited I am to actually get to do so now.

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