Unboxing the March 2022 Boxycharm Premium

My Boxycharm premium has arrived. For those that don’t know this is a $39.99 subscription box that comes monthly and includes six full sized items. I’ve tried pretty much all of the Boxy Charm tiers and this is the one that more often had the products I wanted. Each month you get to choose two products of your six. For a while they started making one choice makeup items and then the other skin care, which I really liked. This month however they didn’t. Two of the products I really liked were in the same category and I could only choose one. which was kind of a bummer as not a whole lot in the second choice category really excited me. However choice aside, I am actually pretty happy with this month’s box.

I should also point out that choice for the April box has begun. It opened up at 1 pm EST on March 14th. They have started migrating several IPSY products and one of my choice items was a <a href=”http://<a href=”https://www.dpbolvw.net/click-9275903-10407838&#8243; target=”_top”>Murad US – Homepage Link</a>Murad oil free moisturizer. I received it from IPSY a while back. While I am still trying to decide how I feel about IPSY items in Boxy, I did select this moisturizer because I used it last summer and for me it was the perfect summer weight moisturizer so I am absolutely thrilled to have another bottle coming my way (especially since I was planning to purchase it anyway). My other choice was an Herbivore Bakuchiol serum and then I went on add ons and picked up a Lorac Primer. I know, I’ve been trying to clear out some primers, but I have been eyeing this one for a while and kept putting off picking it up, so I decided now was the time. But those are future Items to discuss. Shall we dive in to the March box?

Okay the first item I chose (and was super thrilled by) was the Airbrush Flawless Foundation from Charlotte Tillbury. I have never actually tried anything from the brand. I have seen the Pillow Talk adverts a lot. And I know people who swear by the makeup formulas. And I will admit, the products look beautiful. I have just never gotten around to trying them out. I love when brands I just haven’t gotten around to trying but have heard of appear in my choice. And as I have cleared out several foundations, I don’t mind trying out a new one. who knows if i like it, I just might end up trying out some of the other items that interest me from the brand.

The second choice item that I chose was from the Somme Institute. They are exfoliating Glycolic Acid pads. I don’t have anything against the brand, in fact I had not even heard of it until this item appeared in my choice. There are several individual exfoliating pads that I do like. The issue is that once you open it, you have to use them or they dry out and how much I use them depends on the level of exfoliation the provide. So I tend to not gravitate towards them. Since they are here, I will give them a go. It will be nice to try out a new brand. My only issue is that choice was a little thin for the second category while the first category had several exciting items. It is more of a choice irritation than a product one. Unless these pads are overly exfoliating and then it might be a different type of irritation, but I wont know that until I try.

I have to confess to a bit of amusement with the next item. It is the Big Bang Mascara from Athr Beauty. I just recently cleared out several mascaras and realized I was actually running low on back ups so I went out and bought a mascara. Which I can’t regret I love the Big Poppa Mascara from Wet ‘n wild. But I was also thinking, ‘wow it has been a while since we’ve seen mascaras in subscription boxes.’ Because for a while I was nearly buried in mascaras. So right on cue a mascara arrives. I remember trying the Athr Beauty eyeshadows. I wasn’t terribly impressed because they tended to get muddy, but I will keep my fingers crossed that I like the mascara better.

Moving right along we have the Ciate London Dewy Skin Vitamin C infused Primer. You know my love of primers by now. I never mind trying out a new one. I like the brand Ciate too and have many products I absolutely love from the brand. Including their foundation, which is matte and could use a dewy primer underneath. So that might be a fun pairing. And to top it off, I love vitamin C in my skincare so this has the potential to be a real winner.

The Grace and Stella eye masks made me cheer. The gold eye masks are a staple in my skincare drawer. They depuff the eyes during allergy season like no ones business and there were a few weeks in the spring last year where I used a set pretty much every afternoon. Recently I have been trying out different eye masks from my collection to see if any of them perform like the Grace and Stella ones and need to be added to the collection. Thus far Klorane and Grace and Stella are the top two, and the ones I will be reordering before Spring allergy season starts. This however is not the gold eye masks, but a pink version. I’ll have to check to see if they perform as well as the gold ones but I am thrilled to have them here and waiting to be used.

And then there is the final item in this month’s Boxy Charm Premium. And I can smell it through the sealed cap. It is the Aromatherapy De Stress Muscle Gel. The scent is very Aromatherapy-esque. It smells of a combination of lavender and rosemary. I am working on upping my exercise game and hopefully getting myself out of this weight loss plateau so perhaps the muscle gel is a good thing to have around. I suspect i will have ample chances to test it out in the near future. It is one of those things that I will either love or hate. And I can tell you that is mostly to do with the scent. It is pretty strong in the sealed container. So part of my opinion will be based on how long the scent lingers. The other part will depend on how well it works. If I end up sore and this gel works well, then i will forgive the scent. The Muscle gel does seem like it belongs more with the Boxy Luxe items than here, but like I said my exercise is increasing, so if it works well, I will be very happy to have it.

I know that many of you want to know if this box was worth the cost. It has been more of a question since the recent price increase. For me it is worth it if I like the items and will use them. I am looking forward to using the items in the box and honestly every item is something that I can use. So for me, I would say this box is worth the value. If you won’t use the items, clearly that is a different story. If you ae looking for monetary return. For my $40 box I received the Charlotte Tillbury Foundation ($44), Athr Beauty Mascara ($28), Somme Institute exfoliating pads ($65), Ciate London Dewy Skin Primer ($32), Aromatherapy Muscle Gel ($40) and the Grace and Stella Eye masks ($24). The total value of the products ends up being $233. (feel free to check my math. The eye masks I was going to order anyway so that saves me the $24 and I am thrilled that I get to try the Charlotte Tilbury Foundation, which is $44 and covers the cost of the box. So monetarily, I did get my money’s worth from the March Boxycharm Premium.

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